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Get double XP and other bonuses through MW3 Prestige Shop using tokens

To all Modern Warfare 3 Players: You may have the chance to unlock 2 hours of double XP and other bonuses right now without even knowing it!

Infinity Ward has implemented a prestige shop into MW3, the shop allows users to gain a token every time they Prestige which can then be used to boost your Call of Duty career. All players who have previously Prestiged in earlier Call of Duty games start the game with 1 prestige token to get used to the system so we suggest you visit the shop and see if there is anything you fancy! Some of the perks are not available until later Prestige levels but there are some great ones at the start still.

Why do I already have 1 or more Prestige tokens before a Prestiged in MW3? You earn a prestige token for if you have Prestiged previously in one of the previous 4 Call of Duty titles, this includes Modern Warfare, World at War, Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops.

It is great to see Infinity Ward spicing up their new game which is actually going to encourage users to Prestige since in previous titles all you got for your achievement was a new emblem. To find the Prestige store make sure your are in your Multiplayer screen and go to Barracks then Prestige Shop.

You can find a list of all the prestige bonuses with a description below:

  • Extra Custom Class: Adds and extra custom class to the standard 5 included.
  • Double XP: Grants two hours of game time where double XP is applied.
  • Double Weapon XP: Grants two hours of game time where your weapons will gain double XP.
  • Regular Prestige: Call sign titles and emblem available to those with an extra token lying around.
  • Unlock Gear: Unlock “Create a Class” early and carry it through future prestige levels (Requires Prestige level 1)
  • Hardened: Call sign title and emblem for COD enthusiasts (Requires Prestige level 5)
  • Veteran Package: Call sign title and emblem for harcdore COD players (Requires Prestige level 10)
  • Reset All Stats: Resets all of your stats (Requires Prestige level 10)

We hope you find this useful and are having a great time playing the new shooter! Also, information on the new killstreak and strike package system for Modern Warfare 3 can be found here: http://www.callofdutymappacks.com/news/how-the-new-killstreak-and-strike-package-system-works-in-mw3/