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Xbox 360 MW3 Advert

What you need to know about the Microsoft Activision Contract

Xbox 360 MW3 Advert

As most Call of Duty players these days know, all extra content and DLC is released on the Xbox 360 console 4 weeks before all other platforms due to a contract between Microsoft and Activision.

Around the time Modern Warfare 3 was released there was a lot of confusion and anger from the community as the ELITE service was introduced which promised players to get DLC before others.

People assumed that this meant ELITE members would all be getting their DLC first but as it turns out that isn’t the case as the Microsoft Activision contract still applied. So the order of DLC release ended up in this order:

  1. Xbox 360 ELITE Premium Members
  2. PlayStation 3 ELITE Premium Members (1 Month after Xbox 360 ELITE)
  3. All Xbox 360 Players Map Pack (3 Months after Xbox 360 ELITE)
  4. All PlayStation 3 Players Map Pack (4 Months after Xbox 360 ELITE)
  5. All PC Players (4 – 5 Months after Xbox 360 ELITE)

It is a very confusing and results in the one piece of content appearing on the Xbox 360 first and then over 4 to 5 months later on the PC.

Basically back in 2009, the year Modern Warfare 2 was released, Activison and Microsoft entered a business deal to release DLC on the Xbox 360 earlier than other platforms. (A contract which ends at the end of 2012) It was a great deal for Xbox 360 users and Microsoft as it would make their platform the best place to play Call of Duty because it would exclusively get new content first.

The game currently that have been part of this contract are:

  • Modern Warfare 2
  • Black Ops
  • Modern Warfare 3
  • Black Ops II

The contract ends in 2012, the likely reason Black Ops II will be included in this deal is because it is being released at the end of 2012 in November so the contract will apply to the whole game.

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The future of Call of Duty will be the most interesting thing though… Call of Duty 10 which is currently under development by Infinity Ward may be the game that ends this long standing contract between the two mammoth companies and once again all platforms will be on a level playing field! (Assuming the ELITE service is brought to the PC).

For further information on the contract, click here.