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Modern Warfare 3: Content Drops 13, 14 & 15

Like Face Off? Then you’ll love ELITE Content Drops 13 – 15 as it features 3 brand new maps for the brand new game mode as well as a new Spec Ops mission which is offering some exciting and unique gameplay! Don’t worry though if Face Off isn’t your thing as Mark Rubin has confirmed that no more Face Off maps will be coming to Modern Warfare 3, instead standard multiplayer maps will be returing in the next content drops.

Drops 13-15 will be the first to be create the third content collection map pack for Modern Warfare 3.

Content Drops 13 – 15 Release Dates:

Xbox 360 Elite Subscriber: 19th June 2012
PlayStation 3 Elite Subscriber: 19th July 2012
Xbox 360: Somepoint in July as part of Map Pack 3.
PlayStation 3: Somepoint in August as part of Map Pack 3.
PC: Somepoint in August as part of Map Pack 3.

The first piece of new content (ELITE DROP 13) is the Spec Ops mission called “Arctic Recon”. Requiring surgical precision by air, land, and sea, this new Special Ops mission tasks you with destroying a Russian battleship by planting beacons for an air strike. Take control of a recon helicopter to reveal the beacon locations before fighting off forces on the ground to ensure the ship never leaves port. This mission requires two players so make sure you select your teammate wisely!

Arctic Recon

Next up we have ELITE DROP 14 which for some weird reason consists of two pieces of content: “Vortex” and “U-Turn”. In Vortex no storm shelter can keep you safe, the all-new “Face Off” map that places you just outside the danger zone of a devastating tornado. This one reminds us of Overgrown from previous Modern Warfare games!

An old ranch house sits threatened by the approach of a raging tornado. The front porch and sprawling shrubbery intensifies combat to the south with a tight line of sight. An open field stretches across the north, with a cornfield and central hill obscuring visuals, making ambush an ever-present threat.


Vortex Tactical View

U-Turn is a bombed-out, gridlocked highway provides a perfect backdrop for combatants on this all-new “Face Off” map, where oil fields burn black high above six-lanes’ worth of abandoned cars, buses and paths for attack.

A militarized highway cuts across a burning oil field, with damaged vehicles strewn about four vertical lanes. Minimal overhead cover increases the threat of aerial killstreaks and the surrounding clutter makes detection much more difficult. Keep a low profile, sweep the area, and get the jump on your target.


U-Turn Tactical View

ELITE DROP 15: A New York bridge overpass provides the backdrop for this all-new “Face Off” map, Intersection in which an ultra-condensed 2-block battle zone allows players to fight on the first and second floors of surrounding apartments and bombed-out bodegas.

Four buildings circle a large cross street, encouraging players to dig in and fight it out across the map. Race out into the open and expect to quickly come under fire. Stick to the interior, protect your position with ground explosives, and book it only when the enemy starts pushing toward your location.


Intersection Tactical View

Three brand new Achievement / Trophies have also been added to the game as a result of the Arctic Recon Spec Ops mission:

  • Stay Frosty: Complete the “Arctic Recon” Special Ops mission on any difficulty. (15G)
  • Sub Zero: Complete the “Arctic Recon” Special Ops mission on Veteran difficulty.
  • dr0n3d: Complete the “Arctic Recon” Special Ops mission in under 3:30.

How do I get it the drops?

If you are an Elite premium member then the next time you go into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer you will get a message saying that new content is available and then it will download it automatically. If not then make sure you visit the “Store” menu option where you should be presented with a message. The content will roll out slowly around the world so don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t show up straight away.

There is more detailed information on how to download it here for Elite members on this page.

Note: You can still become an Elite member after the Drops have been released and still get all the Drops that have been and will be released.

If you are not an Elite member then you will need to wait till the content is released as part of a map pack which will include 5 pieces of content. Then you can purchase it through the PlayStation Network, XBOX Live or Steam (For PC users).



Leaked June DLC: New Map Shipbreaker & Terminal on their way?

In a video by YouTube user Coolyer1, two new maps were revealed on the PlayStation 3 after the 1.15 update and the addition of the new ELITE Drops & Face Off maps.

The two maps “Terminal” & “Shipbreaker” appeared on the list of maps in the private match game mode for a short period of time for some reason but unfortunatley disappeared after trying to play the Shipbreaker map.

The Shipbreaker maps alternate / development name seems to be MPUI_BOARDWALK it could be that BoardWalk will be the final name of this extra map which looks like a possible new Face Off map similar to Rust from Modern Warfare 2. It also looks similar to some of the desert missions from Modern Warfare 3′s single player campaign & Spec Ops (Smack Town) missions which adds to the validity that this could be a legitimate map since developers usually create Multiplayer Maps from the campaign.

As for Terminal, there have been a numerous rumours about this map returning and I think if this video is legitimate which is almost certainly is then Terminal will be returning into Modern Warfare 3 in one way or another. Read our full post on the other information regarding the Terminal Map here.

UPDATE NEWS FOR TERMINAL: Executive Produced at Infinity Ward basically confirms Terminal will be returning.

If a map from Modern Warfare 2 was to be returned as part of MW3′s DLC Season then it will most likely be completely re-designed with brand new visuals but with the same sort of lay out. This has been done previously when China Town was released for COD 4. China Town was based on the hugely popular Carentan map from COD 1 & 2 except it was completely re-made with a Chinese theme while keeping the same Carentan layout.

These two new maps could likely be part of the June ELITE DLC Season for the Xbox 360 which will then come to the PlayStation 3 in July.

Update: Mark Rubin revealed today via Twitter that the June DLC Season will consist of 1 Spec Ops mission & 3 Face Off maps for the Xbox 360. No pictures have yet been released so we can’t say whether they match the Shipbreaker map above or Terminal from Modern Warfare 2. If the Shipbreaker & Terminal won’t be featuring in the June DLC Season then it is likely that they will feature later on instead. Follow us on Twitter for the latest.


ELITE Drops 13, 14 & 15 coming to Xbox 360 on June 19th – What could they be?

One map, one spec ops mission and one piece of classified content is on its way to Xbox 360 ELITE Premium members this month!

Details of the brand new content are being kept tight to Infinity Ward for this release, the specifics will be released the day before it is released so stay tuned for what to expect!

The release date of the 3 new drops was confirmed by Mark Rubin on Twitter as the 19th of June (next Tuesday).

ELITE Content Drops 13, 14 and 15 will be the first pieces of content which will be part of the third map pack for Modern Warfare 3.

We think that the classified piece of content for ELITE Content Drop 15 could be the addition of the AK-47u into Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer mode, as Infinity Ward uploaded a picture of all the guns in Modern Warfare 3′s multiplayer mode with the addition of the AK-47u while talking about the double weapon XP which has been running the past few days. Check out the image below, it could be a clever marketing technique, it could mean nothing that it is there but it gives us something to clutch onto while we have little other information about these drops!

Uploaded by Infinty Ward to Facebook regarding Double Weapon XP

One thing which is interesting however is if we look back at the original Modern Warfare 3 content calendar way back when it was first released (see pic below). The month of june is unchanged from what it is now except for the change of “Game Mode” to “Classified”.

Perhaps a new game mode is in the works instead of a new weapon? Something a lot of the community have been requesting is the addition of the 3rd person shooter modes although this seems a fairly small addition to the game it would make a few fans happy! What sort of game modes would you like to see return or be brough into Modern Warfare 3? Let us know in the comments below!

June Content Calendar snipper from when it was first released

The multiplayer map is rumored to be Terminal from Modern Warfare 2, check the info here. Robert Bowling however confirmed that the MW3 DLC season would consist only of new content, it is possible however that Terminal could be re-vamped and improved, much like China Town in Call of Duty 4 which was based on the Carentan maps from the original Call of Duty’s. View the video on the Terminal Map here.