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Call of Duty: Elite has one million premium members

Activision has just announced that the new Call of Duty: Elite service that has been introduced alongside the release of Modern Warfare 3 has one million members paying for its premium services. “By comparison, the premium subscription services of Netflix, Hulu Plus, Sirius XM and Xbox® LIVE®, each reached one million paid subscribers after approximately one year.”

What is Call of Duty: Elite? Call of Duty: Elite is a paid subscription service for Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3 which gives users access to lifetime statistics across all their games and unique integrated social network. You also get exclusive premium features, monthly downloadable content, daily competitions with in game or real life prizes, the ability to start and join clans and much more! More here: http://www.callofduty.com/elite

“Since Call of Duty Elite’s launch on November 8, more than four million gamers have already registered for the new online service overall.  Additionally, more than 80,000 Elite clans have been created, 100,000 user-generated videos have been uploaded to Call of Duty Elite and the service has had more than three million daily logins.”

“The audience response to Call of Duty Elite’s premium service has been beyond our expectations, and we want to thank Call of Duty players around the world for their unprecedented enthusiasm,” said Bobby Kotick, CEO, Activision Blizzard.  ”The number of gamers who have registered for Call of Duty Elite further illustrates how this service is poised to redefine social gaming and set a new bar for interactive entertainment.”

“The demand for Call of Duty Elite at launch was so overwhelming, that for the first several days, the service did not perform up to our or our fans standards. I want to personally thank our fans for their patience. Our teams have been working around the clock to get the service scaled up to meet demand,” said Eric Hirshberg, CEO, Activision Publishing.  “I’m very pleased to announce today that the service is now performing stably and anyone who wants to try Call of Duty Elite is now able to do so. Due to the scaling challenges we encountered at launch, we are giving all Call of Duty Elite premium Founder members an additional 30 days of the service free of charge.”

“We have seen double-digit attach for our DLC programs on recent launches,” said Tony Bartel, President, GameStop.  “However, in the case of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare® 3, we worked closely with Activision, Sony and Microsoft to raise the bar and have delivered nearly 600,000 new members for Call of Duty Elite.”

What about you? Have you signed up for Call of Duty’s Elite service? It’s great to see how successful the new service seems to be! It would have been great if it had actually worked fully on the first few days of release but it still looks really useful but whether you’d want to pay a yearly subscription is another question! If you log onto the Elite website though, you’ll see how good the service actually looks and the premium content may be worth the cost.