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Clan Page

New Clan Apply feature for Call of Duty ELITE

Dying to get into a new Clan, but not sure who you need to contact?

Our new Clan Apply feature funnels your request straight to the leader. To apply, simply head to the Clan’s page you’d like to join and click “Apply Now!”

This awesome little feature allows you to quickly and easily apply to join a clan, a task which previously was not as simple.

Leave a message with all the reasons you’ll make the Clan better than it’s ever been, and send it off. The Clan leader will then receive your application under Manage Clan. If accepted, you will automatically be removed from your current Clan and enlisted in the new one.

Join your friends:

If you’re having trouble deciding on a Clan, remember that you can always view your friends’ Clans from their Playercard. Click their Clan tag to directly navigate to their Clan page where you can start the application process.

Once an application is sent off, it appears in the Clan leader’s Applications tab within Manage Clan. From here, leaders can view applicants’ messages as well as choose to accept or reject any applications.

Clans are open to both free and premium users, so the next time one catches your attention, look them up in Connect and send in an application.

Good luck!


Content Drops 9 through 11 are now available for XBOX 360 ELITE Members

Xbox 360 ELITE Premium members can now download the huge amount of new content just released today!

Infinity Ward has now revealed Modern Warfare 3 ELITE Content Drops 9, 10, 11 and 12: They are spicing up the DLC content season more than ever, adding a brilliant new Gamemode which is available to ALL Modern Warfare 3 Players called “Face Off” along with a brand new multiplayer map and two spec ops missions.

Content Drops 9 – 12 Release Dates:

Xbox 360 Elite Subscriber: 15th May 2012
PlayStation 3 Elite Subscriber: Around 15th June 2012
Xbox 360: 22nd May (As Part of Map Pack 2).
PlayStation 3: Somepoint in June as part of Map Pack 2.
PC: Somepoint in June as part of Map Pack 2.

The new Content includes: 1 New Multiplayer / Survival Mission, 2 Brand new Spec Ops missions, and two extra maps for the brand new Face Off game mode.

View the full post on Content Drops 9, 10, 11 & 12 here!


4 multiplayer maps due in May for Xbox, could this be the Nostalgia Map Pack?

With May just round the corner, the next flurry of Modern Warfare 3 content is on its way for Premium ELITE members. For the PlayStation 3, ELITE members have Content Drops 7 & 8 to look forward to while the DLC for the Xbox 360 remains a mystery.

What we do know is that four, yes four multiplayer maps will be released in May for the Xbox 360. The teased Nostalgia Map Pack from way back before the DLC season started comes to mind as it included 4 multiplayer maps.

Check out the picture below, it shows off 4 previous Modern Warfare maps which are as follows:
Terminal from Modern Warfare 2 (Set in an Airpot terminal, luggage and planes everywhere, lots of glass too!)
Favela from Modern Warfare 2 (The slums of Rio de Janeiro, lots of ground and rooftop battles!)
Shipment from Modern Warfare (The smallest Call of Duty Map you’ll ever see! It’s basically as square map with a few shipping containers in the middle! The most intense map ever!)
Crossfire from Modern Warfare (A map I personally loved, great for sniping along the large main road and great close quarters combat in this desert town!)

Only time will tell what will truly be in store the Content Drops 9 through to 12 but either way, four brand new multiplayer maps will add a lot to the game so we can’t wait to see what they are. Hopefully Call of Duty will be releasing an official walkthrough video with these new drops, something it appears they forgot to do with Drops 7 & 8!


Content Drop 3: Overwatch released for PlayStation ELITE today with 1.11 patch

As expected, the PlayStation 3 ELITE Community will be able to download and play the third content drop today.

Overwatch is a brand new Multiplayer / Survival map for Modern Warfare 3 which is based on the much loved Highrise map from Modern Warfare 2.

Shots break out on a construction site atop a New York City skyscraper, 80 stories up. Battle takes place along two levels in a near symmetrical layout, with the central bridge and side routes open to attack from multiple angles.

Note: The map download file is 87MB.

To download and play the new content click here.

Full information on the new Overwatch map can be found here, including videos and images.

Release dates for non-premium ELITE PlayStation 3 & PC map packs have not yet been announced but follow our twitter feed to stay up to date on all the latest information.

Along with the new content, a patch / update for the PlayStation 3 Modern Warfare 3 was released dubbed 1.11 which fixes some problems that people were having with the new map originally.

Note: Some users have been experiencing problems where overwatch would not download properly and once in game a message would appear telling them that the DLC was missing or damaged. To fix this, make sure you have the 1.11 patch installed before downloading the new map.


Modern Warfare 3: Content Drops 4, 5 & 6

The March DLC for Call of Duty ELITE Premium members will include three pieces of unique content to Modern Warfare 3. This month is particularly special since it is the first time ever that a Spec Ops mission has been released as part of a DLC package. Alongside that, March is also the month where all previous 6 content drops will be released to non-premium ELITE members as part of a full Map Pack Collection which we are all used to.

Content Drop 1 & 2 Release Dates:

Xbox 360 Elite Subscriber: 13th March 2012
PlayStation 3 Elite Subscriber: 12th April 2012
Xbox 360: 20th March 2012 (As part of a full map pack)
PlayStation 3: 19th April 2012 (As part of a full map pack)
PC: Likely not until April (As part of a Full Map Pack DLC)

With the new Call of Duty: Elite service that was launched alongside Modern Warfare 3 and the whole new Drop system you should check our article here for how it all works: http://www.callofdutymappacks.com/news/mw3-content-season-how-the-content-drops-and-content-collections-will-work-and-roadmap/

The first piece of content in the drop is a new multiplayer map called “Black Box“. “Battle beside and through the wreckage of a downed  Air Force One in “Black Box.” Multi-level homes overlook the neighboring streets, creating a deadly kill zone for players on the ground. With clear sight lines from house to house, however, snipers are far from safe, with counter-sniping an ever-present threat to their dominance. Those that prefer close-quarters combat can succeed in the tight confines of the crashed airplane or in hunting down enemies posted up within any of the surrounding homes.” Black Box is a great map for both main variety of players, Long Range snipers and close quarter fighters making it a map that everyone can love!

The second piece of content for this drop is a Spec Ops mission is called “Black Ice”. Shred ice from aboard your snowmobile as you infiltrate a Russian diamond mine in the Special Ops mission, “Black Ice.” Melt more than snow when you plant high-grade explosives to shut the mine down forever. Hint: This one ends with a bang! This marks the first time Special Ops has been made downloadable online in franchise history. We’ve seen the snowmobile missions before in Modern Warfare 2 and they definitely were great fun so Black Box has to live up to expectations!

The last piece of content in this drop is another brand new Spec Ops mission called “Negotiator“. Cash in all your karma as you head to India for high-stakes hostage extraction in “Negotiator,” an all-new Special Ops mission in which you’ll breach-and-clear rooms and navigate surface streets to secure the safety of your VIPs. There are loads of hostages to keep you on your ties with this mission, the best way to describe Negotiator is this: “A badass breachfest!”.

The Spec Ops missions will be playable solo or as a Co-Op just like with other Spec Ops missions already available in Modern Warfare 3. You will have to go into the Co-Op section of Modern Wafare 3 in order to play them.

Note: You can still become an Elite member after the Drops have been released and still get all the Drops that have been and will be released. Otherwise you will be able to purchase all content via map packs at later dates, the first Map Pack will be released on March 20th for Xbox and include the first 6 content drops, more info on that here. Then you can purchase it through the PlayStation Network, XBOX Live or Steam (For PC users).

As well as the new content, 6 new Trophies (PS3) and Achievements (Xbox) have been added for the two new Spec Ops missions:

  • Shotgun Diplomacy: Complete the Special Ops mission “Negotiator” on any difficulty. (15G)
  • Not on My Watch: Rescue all the hostages in the Special Ops mission “Negotiator”. (25G)
  • Skilled Negotiator: Complete the Special Ops mission “Negotiator” on Veteran difficulty. (35G)
  • Slippery Slope: Complete the “Black Ice” Special Ops mission on any difficulty. (15G)
  • A Baker’s Dozen: Run over and kill 13 enemies with the snowmobile in the “Black Ice” Special Ops mission. (35G)
  • Ice in Your Veins: Complete the “Black Ice” Special Ops mission on Veteran difficulty. (35G)

Visit the page here to view how to download the content.


All Elite Members: Free
Xbox 360: 1200 Microsoft Points (In full map pack)
PlayStation3: $15 (In full map pack)
PC: $15 (In full map pack)

Let us know what you think of the new content in the comments below! What do you think about spec ops missions being a part of the DLC?