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PC version of MW3 to get Face Off & Collection 2 on the 21st of June

Content in Collection 2

The second map pack for Modern Warfare 3 will be available for purchase for all PC users on the 21st of June. Content Collection 2 brings 7 pieces of brand new content into Modern Warfare 3.

Content Collection Map Pack 2 will cost $14.99.

The brand new Face Off game mode along with two free maps will be released also tomorrow for ALL PC players regardless of whether they purchase the second Content Collection Map Pack.

The release date was revealed via Infinity Ward’s official Twitter feed: “PC DLC 2 releases 6/21. Includes 3 MP maps, 2 Faceoff maps, 2 spec ops missions. Also 2 Faceoff maps Erosion/Aground free for everyone.”

The second map pack is particularly special because it includes so much new and never before seen content, just to summarise we have tanks in brand new Spec Ops missions, a brand new Multiplayer mode called Face Off which map pack 2 will add two extra maps for and an extra multiplayer mission!

Free Content for all MW3 Players: The Face Off game mode will be available for ALL Modern Warfare 3 players for free and it will come with two standard maps absolutely free which are Aground & Erosion. Two additional maps which are available for Face Off through purchasing Content Collection 2 or having a premium ELITE Subscription.

The second map pack for Modern Warfare 3 will include the ELITE Content Drops 7 through to 12. Below is the content that will be included, check out each post for information on all the content in this collection.

Content Drop 7 & 8 (2 new multiplayer maps): Foundation & Sanctuary.

Content Drop 9 & 10 & 11 & 12 (1 new multiplayer map, 2 new spec ops & 2 new Face Off maps): Oasis, Kill Switch, Ironclad, Lookout & Getway.

PC Players will be able to purchase the new maps via Steam.