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Face Off Now Available

FACE OFF available for all PlayStation 3 members today

The brand new Face Off game mode will be made available today for all PlayStation 3 members. Face Off is a great way to see who the best player is amongst your friends in maps that are small enough to make it fun and even.

In order to play Face Off you must first download the two free maps which are released with it (Aground & Erosion).

There will be three playlists for Face Off, either a 1v1 playlist, a 2v2 playlist & a 3v3 playlist. (Also available in Split Screen!). The base of each Face Off match will be either Team Deathmatch or Kill Confirmed. With Face Off you still get a really new feel and experience out of the gameplay; not just the heavy, frantic experience you would get out of a normal multiplayer match. You get more tension build-up on these smaller maps

If you need help downloading the Face Off maps click here for a step by step guide.

Face Off Map: Aground (Free to all MW3 Players): (Available to all MW3 members): Head to Scotland’s Orkney Islands for the latest “Face Off” map, where treacherous cliff faces, networks of caves and the rusted and ruined remains of a grounded transport ship provide for constant combat.

Face Off Map: Erosion (Free to all MW3 Players): (Available to all MW3 members): Make your way through Mediterranean ruins and ancient aqueducts, using leftover Roman masonry for thousand-year-old cover in this new “Face Off” map. An epic visual experiance, brilliant architecture which is built around a 2v2 gameplay style. This map has three main routes, two down the side and one down the middle.