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First Strike: Map Pack 1

First Strike is the first set of maps that has been available for Black Ops.

Release Date: Feburary 01, 2011

The map pack is available for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. The package includes 5 new multiplayer maps, one of which is a new map for the Zombies game mode. The maps try to offer something new and unique and to differ from all the original ones available with the game while sticking to the Cold War theme. The 5 maps that are included are listed below:

Berlin Wall: Set at the famous or infamous Checkpoint Charlie. The map has a East Berlin vs West Berlin theme to it since it is set around the Wall. Lots of long distance areas which make it perfect for sniping. A special part of Berlin wall is the ability to walk across no-man’s land to get across the map quicker but at the risk of being shot at by auto-turrets!

Discovery: An antartic research station that was once occupied by Nazi Germany. A deep chasm splits the map in two, the crossings between are the main points of combat.

Kowloon: Based on the mission in single player, this map offers lots of rooftop action and the ability to use ziplines online! Be careful not to fall off though!

Stadium: A small map, on parr with Nuketown & Firing Range. Good for close encounter battles. Check your back, the enemy could come from anywhre it’s so small!

Ascension: The largest Zombies map yet with new creatures, weapons, perks and transports! Set in a Soviet launch facility. Includes two new perks, pHD Flopper which allows the player to emit a mini version of the nuke zombe drop when diving to prine. The second is Stamin-Up which gives the player faster movement speed and sprint duration.

Playstation 3: £11.49
Xbox 360:
PC: £11.49

Check out the video below for more information:

Source: http://www.treyarch.com/news/442