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Treyarch giving away free Rezurrection map packs via Twitter! *Updated*

The official Treyarch twitter profile just tweeted giving away four download codes for the Black Ops Rezurrection Map pack which was released today! The codes can only be used once so who ever uses them first gets to keep them. The tweet was as follows:

“Four free PS3 #Rezurrection download codes: ARHJ-G4N3-J28N | KQM8-3TN7-JFC4 | 875P-BJN6-EMN9 | 8QRM-2RNQ-2N66 – More to come later!”

These particular codes have already been used so don’t waste your time trying to redeem them, but more have been promised for later. So keep an eye on their Twitter feed to see if you can grab yourself the map pack for free!

Treyarch Twitter feed



Treyarch has just made another tweet and added another code:
“Here’s another PS3 #Rezurrection code: GKNR-JNNG-5MET – At least one more code coming at exactly 7:00am PDT…” Might only be one more after this so keep hitting F5 around 7:00 PDT folks!

Update 2:

Another two codes have been tweeted by Treyarch!

“Not one, but TWO more #CODBlackOps #Rezurrection PS3 codes! M675-N3NR-NL34 | Q74K-BGNN-RTM3″

There could be more to come so keep an eye on their Twitter profile!

Update 3:

It seems the PS3 codes have all been dished out, time for some PC love! Treyarch just tweeted the following:

“Did someone say #Rezurrection Steam download code for PC? N5GIX-5NJ7K-IW2RJ – Five more PC codes dropping at 10:30am PDT!”

Follow by this tweet as promised: “Five PC #Rezurrection codes, as promised! 0YETD-WFRCF-T36VZ | A07T8-CAC0W-XM62A | E9QXX-W9JP9-94Y4H | 2VTGG-K3WLW-DG8YQ | L6HB2-9FK8Q-68NTA”

And if that wasn’t enough they have also just added another tweet saying that they will direct message a random follower with a free download code. It seems Treyarch is in a very generous mood today! I guess this makes up for the map pack being released a month later for PS3 and PC users.

Keep an eye on their twitter profile incase of any more goodies!