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Latest MW3 Hot Fix

A hotfix for Modern Warfare 3 went live last night for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 users last night.

The Hot Fix was a fairly minor one but nevertheless it’s good to have constant improvements to the game.

Patch Notes: Misc bug fixes:

- Fix for hacked custom classes online

- Fix for game hardlocking by shooting a riot shield using an SMG with silencer and HAMR scope attachment

Throughout the release of MW3 there have been loads of Hot Fixes, check out the complete list of all Hot Fixes to date below:

Hot Fix Updates (Released):

No Recoil glitch

Infinite Laptop killstreak glitch (Stealth Bomber Glitch)

Map Exploits (Getting into trucks, under maps) Fix

Prevent Slow-mo and Super Fast lobbies

Fire rate normalization for Assault Rifles with undermounts

FMG9 Re-balancing (Nerf)

Akimbo FMG9 Re-balancing (Nerf)

Type95 Re-balancing (Nerf) – Reduce hipspread.

Fix for ACR with Red Dot / Shotgun

Fix Type 95 bug related to dropping it.

Fix map exploits on Dome

PS3 Hitmarker Sound

Adjust direct impact damage a Semtex does to a Juggernaut (No longer 1 hit kill)

Improvements to “weighted matchmaking” to improve games for regions with low populations.

Improvements to the Spawn Logic and Spawn System.

Fix for the any Proficiency on any gun exploit.

Fix for the MG-36 grip fire rate.

Update to Infected game mode settings to remove map monkey exploits and update rule sets.

Return of Drop Zone to the Community Playlist.

Demolition spawn system adjustment.

Additional Akimbo weapon re-balancing.

Release of HC FFA and HC HQ PRO modes in Advanced playlist (errors to be corrected at 2am PST Sun 26th)

Consolidation of Elite game modes.

.11 Further adjustment to akimbo weapon fire rate.

Map exploit fixes for Infected

.12 Fixed Reaper permanent Air Space Full issue.

Recon perk: fixed issue where flash grenades weren’t triggering markers.

Re-balance of LMG

Fix to prevent viral propagation of hacks.

Leaderboard averages correction.

Restoration of hacked player stats.

The “pipe glitch” in Call of Duty: MW3 map Foundation has been fixed

Liberation Map – added death trigger for rock glitch

Black Box – patched up wall glitch

Oasis – prevent players from getting on rooftops

Foundation – patched up map hole in pipe
Javelin (Weapon) – Reduce Javelin explosion radius by 20%

Sit Rep Pro fix– you can now see portable radars without being in their range

Fix for player accuracy being miscalculated

Fix for minute long kill cam duration with Reaper


MW3 Hotfix released: Lag compensation and weapon adjustments.

It was announced by Robert Bowling (Creative Strategist at Infinity Ward on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3) that a hotfix has been released for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC players. The fixes that have been included are as follows:

  • Improved Lag Compensation
  • Fixes to the Theater
  • Nerfed the Striker shotgun
  • Buffed all other shotguns
  • Decreased YouTube video upload times

Lag Compensation has been a problem for many users in Modern Warfare 3 as it has been hindering their ability to play since they are effectively being punished for having a fast connection. The Lag Compensation which was new to the COD series in MW3 tries to make every player more even, which would be great if it worked correctly. Until now it’s been having a few problems, even though it’s been said to be fixed in previous updates.



Damage Proficiency glitch fixed via hotfix today

A hotfix was released today to fix a glitch which allowed players to increase the damage of their weapons via a proficiency. The glitch is similar to the Stopping Power perk in Call of Duty: 4. Either way it is not allowed in Modern Warfare 3 as it makes players overpowered and the game unfair.

Users had been complaining about this problem for a while so we are glad it has finally been fixed.

The update has been applied via a hotfix so it will install and fix the problem all behind the scenes without you knowing.

The hotfix was revealed in a tweet from Robert Bowling: “Released a hotfix for Modern Warfare 3 which prevents users from exploiting the ‘Damage Proficiency’ glitch. Have fun, play fair!”