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How to download MW3 DLC and Content Drops

The content season for Premium ELITE members for Modern Warfare 3 has begun! Check out the two sectons below for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for details on how to download the new content.

“In order to download the new maps you must be an ELITE Premium member. You can become a Premium member by purchasing a subscription through the in-game store or console application.”

If you are not an ELITE Premium member: Then you can purchase map packs from your platforms respective store. There are 4 map packs available for Modern Warfare 3: Collection 1, Collection 2, Collection 3 & Collection 4. Each map pack is priced at $15 and gives you access to certain drops that the ELITE players recieved.

ELITE Premium members will be able to download Drops via their consoles respective Store for free.

When the first Map Pack is released, you will also find it in the store but will obviously have to pay either $15 or 1200 Microsoft Points.

*XBOX 360 ELITE Players read below (PS3 After)*

The DLC will likely roll out to different areas over the world slowly so if you haven’t got a message or anything yet then just hold out till the end of the day.

1. Launch MW3 on the Xbox 360.
2. From the Main Menu, select Multiplayer.
3. From the Multiplayer Menu, select Store (notice NEW is listed for Premium users).
4: The Store screen will feature different options based on whether you are currently an ELITE Premium member or not.

  • ELITE Premium subscriber – ELITE premium users will see both ELITE Drop maps (Liberation and Piazza) listed as downloads with the cost shown as Free (0 Microsoft Points).  You will need to download both maps, otherwise you will encounter error messages directing you to download the missing map when trying to play them anywhere other than MP Private Match.
  • Non-Premium – Non-premium users will be directed to the current MW3 retail store when Store is selected, where they can continue to download trailers, avatar items, and picture packs.

5: Verify that the transaction price for the ELITE Drop maps is zero Microsoft Points, and select Confirm Purchase.
6: Select OK and Exit MW3 to allow the multiplayer maps to download.”

A video has also been released by the CALLOFDUTY YouTube channel on how to download the content for the Xbox 360.

*For PlayStation 3 Players:*

  • Log onto the PlayStation 3 Network and start Modern Warfare 3
  • Install and update to the mandatory 1.10 update
  • Click on Store on the main page
  • Choose the Elite Drop 1 & 2: Piazza and Liberation (Bundle)
  • You will then be taken to the download panel where you will see one download for Liberation and one for Piazza.
  • Press the download all button or download them both seperatley and you’re done!
  • To play the maps, go to find game and then choose the new ELITE Playlist which has appeared. (Pictures Below)

Note: If you notice there are lots of downloads in the list for the same content, only download the one that matches the BLES code of your game. You can find your BLES code on the back of your manual.

A video has now been official released for help on playing and downloading the DLC for PlayStation 3 users:

Enjoy the new maps and let us know what you think of them! See you on the battlefield.
Source: Activision