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How the new killstreak and strike package system works in MW3

Modern Warfare 3 is the first Call of Duty game since the original modern warfare to truly change how the whole killstreak system works. They have adapted the system to suit all sorts of users so that it can work for everyone.

To start off with, you no longer only gain points towards your killstreaks via kills. They should really be dubbed point streaks because you can get an extra point/kill towards your streak reward by completing objectives that assist your team. This includes destroying UAV’s and other enemy killstreak rewards or for completing tactical objectives. This is a great addition to the game since previously there was no real incentive to take the time to shoot down an enemy UAV.

The killstreaks rewards have been split into three separate packages now which you can choose from for each class you create. The three different packages available are:

  • Assault Strike Package: The system used for this package is what you will be used to in the usual Call of Duty games. So during a life, every time you get a kill, you get one point closer to your killstreak. If you die though, your streak is reset to zero and you must restart over again. The killstreak rewards are pretty similar to the usual ones.
  • Support Strike Package: This is one of the new systems; it has different killstreak rewards to the Assault packages and they take more kills to earn. The big difference about the Support package is the ability to maintain your killstreak even after you die. So if you get 8 kills over 6 lives, you’ll still have 8 points towards you rewards.  This is a great package for people who rack up a lot of kills in game but not big streaks per lives.
  • Specialist Strike Package: The package with the biggest difference in Modern Warfare 3. You don’t gain killstreak rewards with this package, instead you earn extra perks as you gain points. When you get an 8 killstreak, your player gains all 15 perks available in the game.

A very special killstreak reward:

The killstreak rewards that are common to all the packages is one called the M.O.A.B which stands for “Mother Of All Bombs”; similar to the tactical nuke reward in Modern Warfare 2 you need to have gained a 25 killstreak without the use of killstreak rewards. The MOAB works slightly differently to the Tactical Nuke from Modern Warfare 2 though. The MOAB, when used instantly kills all enemy players and killstreak rewards on the map, causes an EMP effect and also grants the team that used the MOAB double XP for the remainder of the game. So unlike the tactical nuke the MOAB doesn’t end the game once used, nor does it kill every player on the map.

Rewards for the Assault Strike Package:

  • UAV (3 Kills): A Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) circles the map for 30 seconds, revealing the enemies as red dots on the mini-map/radar. Enemies equipped with the assassin perk will not be shown on your mini-map.
  • Care Package (4 Kills): A chopper is called in to drop a care package onto the battlefield where you indicate with your smoke grenade. When you open them or use them you will gain a random killstreak. The care package can be picked up by anyone so make sure you use them quickly!
  • I.M.S (5 Kills): Standing for Intelligent Munitions System acts as a larger version of the bouncing betty weapon. Instead it contains 4 of these bombs which are deployed separately so it has the potential to take out 4 enemies as it deploys a single grenade each time an enemy is near.
  • Predator Missile (5 Kills): Allows you to fire a missile from the sky to anywhere on the ground, you control it with your mouse/ analogue sticks. Hitting the fire button will boost the rocket to fire it down to the ground even faster.
  • Sentry Gun (5 Kills): Equips you with a sentry gun that you can place anywhere you like, it will automatically fire at enemy players, unless they are using the Blind perk.
  • Precision Airstrike (6 Kills): Calls in 3 fighter bombers to bombard an area in the map killing all enemies where it strikes.
  • Attack Helicopter (7 Kills): Calls in a standard attack helicopter that flies around the map killing enemies it can find for a short period of time.
  • Strafe Run (9 Kills): Calls in 5 attack helicopter that sweep back and forth across an area of the map, killing any enemies that it can find.
  • AH-6 Overwatch (9 Kills): Calls in a special attack helicopter that follows you around the map as your personal defender.
  • Reaper (9 Kills): Calls in a reaper-UAV, acting sort of like an AC-130 but instead firing laser guided missiles which you guide with your mouse/analogue stick.
  • Assault Drone (10 Kills): Brings in a self controlled assault drone, similar to the one used in the single player campaign, the drone is equipped with a machine gun and a rocket launcher.
  • AC-130 (12 Kills): Identical to the killstreak in MW2, the aircraft circles the map for 30 seconds, and has a 25, 45 and 105mm gun at its disposal.
  • Pave Low (12 Kills): A very strong and armoured assault helicopter that circles the map attacking enemies. The Pave Low is much harder to destroy than other helicopters and is much more efficient at killing enemies than others.
  • Juggernaut (15 Kills): Recieve the suit that you hate encountering in spec ops campaigns, you are equipped with the light machinegun and a handgun, your mobility is reduced but the amount of damage you can withstand is huge.
  • Osprey Gunner (17 Kills): Call in a V-22 Osprey which you can control, similar to the chopper gunner from MW2 except the Osprey also drops random care packages.

Rewards for the Support Strike Package:

  • UAV (4 Kills): A Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) circles the map for 30 seconds, revealing the enemies as red dots on the mini-map/radar. Enemies equipped with the assassin perk will not be shown on your mini-map.
  • Counter UAV (5 Kills): Disables the enemy radar/mini-map for 30 seconds.
  • Ballistic Vests (5 Kills):  Allows you to drop in a pack of ballistic vests which you and all your teammates can equip, equipping the vests allow you to take more damage.
  • Airdrop Trap (5 Kills): Using the smoke grenade you receive when you receive this reward, you drop a fake care package that explodes when enemies try to open it.  Enemies see the package as a real one which they think they can get a killstreak from.
  • SAM Turret (8 Kills): Allows you to deploy a Surface to Air Missile (SAM) Turret which will automatically attack enemy air support vehicles.
  • Recon Drone (10 Kills): Allows you to use a controllable UAV mini helicopter. You can use it to mark enemy players so that they can be found more easily by your teammates. Tagging also blinds and deafens the enemy like a flashbang would.
  • Advanced UAV (12 Kills): Similar to how the blackbird reward works in Black Ops, it shows the position and direction that the enemy are facing on the mini-map/radar. Again, enemies with the Assassin perk will be immune to this streak.
  • Remote Turret (12 Kills): Deploy a sentry gun that you can control remotely.
  • Stealth Bomber (14 Kills): Calls in a B-2 Bomber to carpet bomb a length of area on the map, it cannot be seen on the enemy mini-map/radar so it is good at taken them by surprise causing devastation.
  • EMP (18 Kills): Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) destroys all enemy air support and killstreak rewards on the map and disables any other electronics that the player uses, such as red dot sights, crosshairs and mini-map/radar. It also fuzzes up the enemies screen making it very hard for the enemy.
  • Juggernaut Recon (18 Kills): Similar to the Juggernaut suit for the assault strike package, instead you receive a handgun and a Riot Shield. The suit again allows you to absorb a huge amount of damage.
  • Escort Airdrop (18 Kills): A V-22 Osprey is called to a location you specify on the map, it drops a huge amount of care packages for your team while it defends them.


Rewards for the Specialist Strike Package:

You may choose up two three different perks from all that are available in the game, the first one is activated after 2 kills, the second after 4 kill and the third after 6 kills. If you manage to achieve an 8 kill streak then all 15 perks available in the game are applied to your character!

Experiment with all the different types of strike packages to see which work best for you, I personally use the support package mainly for my sniper and LMG classes. Also, a great way to test out killstreak rewards before earning them is through the use of care packages, if you’re really lucky you’ll get a V-22 Osprey reward!

Another new feature in MW3 is the addition of the Prestige Shop, information on it can be found here: http://www.callofdutymappacks.com/news/get-double-xp-and-other-bonuses-through-mw3-prestige-shop/