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New Clan Apply feature for Call of Duty ELITE

Dying to get into a new Clan, but not sure who you need to contact?

Our new Clan Apply feature funnels your request straight to the leader. To apply, simply head to the Clan’s page you’d like to join and click “Apply Now!”

This awesome little feature allows you to quickly and easily apply to join a clan, a task which previously was not as simple.

Leave a message with all the reasons you’ll make the Clan better than it’s ever been, and send it off. The Clan leader will then receive your application under Manage Clan. If accepted, you will automatically be removed from your current Clan and enlisted in the new one.

Join your friends:

If you’re having trouble deciding on a Clan, remember that you can always view your friends’ Clans from their Playercard. Click their Clan tag to directly navigate to their Clan page where you can start the application process.

Once an application is sent off, it appears in the Clan leader’s Applications tab within Manage Clan. From here, leaders can view applicants’ messages as well as choose to accept or reject any applications.

Clans are open to both free and premium users, so the next time one catches your attention, look them up in Connect and send in an application.

Good luck!