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Call of Duty Content Calendar Updated! July to bring 2 new multiplayer maps and 1 Spec Ops

The official Call of Duty content calendar for ELITE has finally been properly updated. We’ve waited a long time for the badly maintained page to reveal what is in store for us in the rest of the season and we finally have some answers and an idea of what will complete the Call of Duty DLC Season.

So in July we are finally going to be getting two brand new Multiplayer maps (Something which we haven’t had for over two months now) which have been greatly missed due to the addition of the Face Off game mode and the various maps recently released for that.

Alongside the two Multiplayer Maps in July, Xbox 360 ELITE Players will be getting their hands on another new Spec Ops Mission.

With 3 pieces of content scheduled for August and September, it concludes the ELITE DLC Season, bringing the total ELITE Content Drops to 24 and the total Map Pack scheduled for release to 4.

So Call of Duty Content Collection 3 will consist of ELITE Content Drops 13 to 18 and will be released some time in July for all Xbox 360 customers and naturally a month later for PC & PlayStation 3.

The Content Calendar also reveals that Content Collection Map Pack 4 will include ELITE DLC Drops 19 to 24.

Although we are only just over half way through the ELITE DLC Season, when we put it in those terms it seems so short! We cannot wait to see what July holds for Modern Warfare 3. The month that looks to be the most interesting is September too, which will give us three brand new Multiplayer maps!