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Terminal ‘lands’ on Xbox 360 on the 17th for ELITE & 18th for everyone else (Absolutely Free!)

Infinity Ward has just revealed via their Facebook page that Terminal will be coming to Xbox 360 ELITE Players on the 17th of July and then a day later for all other members.

The classic map from Modern Warfare 2 will be absolutely free for all MW3 Players.

We recently spoke about the Terminal coming to the Xbox 360 first here. Basically due to the Microsoft Activision contract which covers all DLC, Terminal will be coming to the Xbox 360 first and then one month later for PC and PS3 so expect Terminal in august for those platforms.

The map has been completely re-skinned with all of the English text being converted to Russian but the basic map layout is the same. Much like how Carentan was remade into China Town.

The new map is completely seperate from the ELITE Content Calendar and Content Collections, it is an extremely kind gesture on Infinity Ward’s side of things as they are giving it to everyone, absolutely free. Enjoy it people!

Terminal is out now for all Xbox 360 members.

PlayStation 3 ELITE will get Terminal on the 16th (Same day as these new drops)  for free.

All other PS3 Members and PC will receive Terminal on the 17th for free.