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Infinity Ward on Modern Warfare 3: “Main Priority: Address laggy connections.”

Robert Bowling (Gamer. Geek. Creative Strategist @InfinityWard on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3) has just tweeted the following message:

“Early morning #MW3 update meetings, lots of important stuff. I’ll keep you posted once we wrap. Main priority: Address laggy connections.”

This is great news because number 1 this shows that Infinity Ward are clearly acknowledging that there is a problem with connections and for some users it is making the game unplayable. Number 2 it shows that they are going to try and fix it!

Since this matter is being classed as a priority we should see a quick turnaround in the time it takes to fix the connection issues. We hope they can fix the problems as soon as possible since it seems to be a problem for majority of online players, regardless of their personal connection speed since the problem is on Call of Duty’s end of things. Check here for some network fixes you can try to get the optimum connection and stay tuned for more info!

He later tweeted regarding whether we will be informed on what the patches will include, which is definatley welcome since we still have had no official word on what was added in the 1.04 patch recently released. At least we have been promised some extra information this time! The second tweet was as follows:

“Once we have all the substantial updates in the pipeline for release, I’ll draft up some patch notes for what all is changing.”

For PC users: For those of you who have been suffering from the Stealth Bomber Killstreak glitch, a hotfix is in the works for that and will be released very soon.

Update: The official MW3Updates twitter feed has tweeted the following message:

“Lots of #MW3 updates planned this week addressing laggy games, stat loss prevention and more.”

It would seem nearly everything we are suffering from is going to be fixed! We’ll just have to stick it out till a patch comes but we can be sure that there will be fixes on the way which is great.