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Having trouble downloading the new Overwatch map on PS3?

Installing DLC for some will be a simple process of click install and then you play it with no hicups what so ever. Some of us however are plagued with consoles or network connections which find it a real struggle, you could have installed and downloaded the new map 5 times yet for some reason it is still being read as “Missing” or “Damaged”.

Those experiencing problems will likely be faced with the following error message: “DLC content is required. Required map Overwatch is missing or damaged. Gain access by purchasing a subscription or map pack.”

Obviously the latter option of purchasing the map pack is not yet available for PlayStation 3 users yet but here are some ways you can try to fix the problem:

  • Make sure that your copy of Modern Warfare 3 is updated to version 1.11.
  • Restart your PlayStation before and after you have installed the map.
  • If once you press download you are presented with about 7 different downloads for Overwatch, click the one right at the bottom rather than the one at the top (This is the fix that worked for me)

We hope this helps!