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Modern Warfare 3 Patch/Update 1.05

The highly anticipated 1.05 update is finally here! It’s been the update we’ve been waiting for since day one, offering some massive fixes in Modern Warfare 3 to make it a fully functional game now. The PlayStation 3 patch is 21 MB big again like previous patches.

Official word of what specifically has been fixed is still being waited on but according to multiple Call of Duty officials on twitter we know this patch was released to address all connection / network related problems and all the rank / stat problems that users have been facing since the game was first released.

We have noticed first hand though that things seem much smoother than they used to be, we played a few games without any kind of lag at all which was great! It makes the game so much better and fun to play when its smooth. Only time will tell whether the stats fix we’ve been promised will turn out to be true! I myself will continue to be cautious but hopefully it should all be good!

The patch was promised for Thanksgiving (24th November) which is today so we can assume that it is the one that we’ve been hearing word of. We were also told via Twitter that change log’s would be posted for all Modern Warfare 3 patches to date soon so it shouldn’t be long before we get official word on what has been fixed.

If you are still having problems after the update then there are some fixes here you should try in order to optimize your connection as well as possible.

Stay tuned for more information! Until that time, have a read of our article on which classic Call of Duty maps you’d like to see make a re-appearance in a future map pack.

Update: On the 5th of December an official change log was released, stating that the 1.03 update fixed the following: ” Further improvements for hitching and addressing lag in gameplay.”