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Modern Warfare 3 April Blackout Boycott – What is it?

On the 20th of April 2012, Modern Warfare 3 will be the victim of an organised consumer backlash. The “MW3: Blackout movement” is encouraging players not to play Modern Warfare 3 on the above date in an attempt to get Activision and Infinity Ward to take head of their grievances and problems with the game.

The Blackout movement have given a list of reasons as to why they are not happy with their Modern Warfare 3 gameplay experience:

  • Lag Compensation,
  • Matchmaking options which include the ability to enable disable local search and base search off the party leader when playing with friends,
  • The broken Spawn System,
  • Full featured Theater mode,
  • Individual volume controls in the options menu,
  • Tac insert removed from Kill confirmed,
  • More Hardcore game modes,
  • Better Elite playlist options,
  • Objective stats on in-game scoreboard,
  • Akimbo machine pistol nerf,
  • Removal of any assault kill streaks from the support package,
  • Removal of death streaks
  • Fix Local Area Network settings for Competitive events.

The following is posted on their YouTube video to raise awareness of the event:
“This is a Global movement and we need your help. This is your chance to have your actions count and help save the Call of Duty franchise. We were sold a game based on broken promises. Its now time for them to make good on their mistakes.”

The group are requesting some pretty hefty changes to the game, they claim that Modern Warfare 3 was sold to them with “Broken Promises” so they wan’t to get as many people as possible to not play MW3 for 24 hours on the 20th of April.

Some of what they are requesting though is extremely specific which sort of lowers their reputation in some users eyes such the complete removal of death streaks from the game and the addition of tactical insertion into Kill Confirmed. These are not problems, they are features of the game so it is a bit silly to be campaigning against these trivial concerns they have.

The bigger picture is of Lag Compensation and more LAN settings which for some users are a genuine problem in the game. Lag Compensation is a feature which slows down the game for players on a super fast internet connection so that everyone on your server is playing at the same average latency and speed. The feature has some problems though where it over compensation and creating too much lag for players on a fast connection making the game really hard to play which should be the case if you have a good connection.

The Lag Compensation feature has been addressed in numerous patches yet people still seem to be having problems with it, I’ve never notice any problems with lag as the game is currently but if some users are still having problems then this needs to be addressed.

The spawn system is something we can likely all relate to. There are certain maps in Modern Warfare 3 where the spawning system is really poor with users are report to have been killed instant after spawning or seeing enemy players spawn. The system was changed in Modern Warfare 3 and seems to have had a negative effect so we look forward to a fix for this.

For many, the reception towards Modern Warfare 3 has been a rather cold one. Even though it has been the best selling Call of Duty game to date, many members of the community have complained about it dubbing it a Modern Warfare 2.5 rather than a whole new game as well as the confusion behind the whole ELITE DLC system.

Modern Warfare 3 recently lost 3 awards to Battlefield 3 at the BAFTAS a few weeks ago, could this be the beginning of the end for Call of Duty or will the rumoured Black Ops 2 bring it back into its former glory? Full post here.

The official update blog over at callofduty.com lists the following as currently in development:

  • Further improvements to network performance.
  • Further improvements to the Spawn system.
  • Improvement to PS3 Mic Quality.
  • MP music volume remix..
  • Countdown timer tick volume fix for PS3.
  • HD Video Uploads on PS3
  • Default :30 Round Start timer for System Link only, while looking into adjustable timer for System Link games for Competitive Play.
  • Options to allow System Link players to ‘unlock all’ for competitive play in System Link only

As you can see from the list of updates currently in development by Infinity Ward, the biggest problems that plague Modern Warfare 3 are being worked on as we speak so it is hard to say how much this Blackout is going to achieve. With just under 14,000 views on the video, even a Boycott of that size will be minute compared to the tens of millions of people playing Modern Warfare 3 around the world. We’ve just got to wait it out till the updates are released but if you want things changed in Modern Warfare 3 and are not happy with your gameplay experience then feel free to join their cause!