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Modern Warfare 3 Map Pack 1: Nostalgic teased

The @MW3Updates twitter profile has just shown us a picture and revelaed the date of the first Call of Duty Map Pack!

The tweet was as follows: “Rumored Nostalgic Map Pack for #MW3. Which MW1 or MW2 map would you like to see in #MW3?”

In an official post here, it was revealed that the first DLC for Modern Warfare 3 will be released on the 24th January. One map called “Park” has been official announced with 3 others teased.

We knew map packs were coming, so it seems logical that they’d release it pretty early after release in order to give us as many map packs as possible! The first Black Ops map pack was released on the 1st of Feburary so for Modern Warfare 3 it’s a month later. (We have assumed the image is using the American date format)

Check out the picture they posted below, it shows off 4 previous Modern Warfare maps which are as follows:

  • Terminal from Modern Warfare 2 (Set in an Airpot terminal, luggage and planes everywhere, lots of glass too!)
  • Favela from Modern Warfare 2 (The slums of Rio de Janeiro, lots of ground and rooftop battles!)
  • Shipment from Modern Warfare (The smallest Call of Duty Map you’ll ever see! It’s basically as square map with a few shipping containers in the middle! The most intense map ever!)
  • Crossfire from Modern Warfare (A map I personally loved, great for sniping along the large main road and great close quarters combat in this desert town!)

We are uncertain whether these will all be released as part of a map pack as of yet. The twitter post asked us which our favourite map was from MW1 or MW2 and which one we’d like to see return. This could mean they are letting the community pick the 5th map for the pack or they are letting us choose one from the list they have compiled.

Although being called Nostalgic which is defined by wikipedia as “The term nostalgia describes a yearning for the past, often in idealized form.” could mean the map pack will be made up of all previous maps, so I think the community is going to get to pick the 5th map! If they are bringing back all previous map maps then that would explain why the pack is being released so quickly after launch, lets just hope the price is right. Bring back highrise I say!

A PlayStation update a few weeks ago revealed that there would be a total of 20 pieces of DLC for Modern Warfare 3 starting in early 2012 over a 9 month period. The DLC’s will include extra Multiplayer and Special Ops maps! With 20 pieces on the way we’ll have to assume that the prices of the DLC’s will be lower than what they usually are, being prices usually around $18 would be far, far to expensive, especially since there will be 20 of them! Otherwise that would equate to $620 on map packs… Premium Call of Duty: Elite memebers get all the map packs and DLC’s automatically amongst other content for which they pay $60 a year so that would equate to about $3 per DLC which is fantastic!

The 20 pieces of DLC could possibly refer to individual maps. So if there are 4 maps per DLC that would mean there are scheduled to be 5 DLC’s in total. If there are 5 maps per DLC, then 4 packs in total which could seem more reasonable!

We recently had a discussion on which maps we’d like to see return in Modern Warfare 3 here, what maps do you want to see return?

Call Of Duty Map Packs
This video was also released onto YouTube: