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Has your Modern Warfare 3 rank been reset or rolled back?

It has become apparent that quite a few users are having issues with their Modern Warfare 3 rank being reset or rolled back a few ranks. According to Activision this is because the save data for your rank has become corrupt some how, this could be because you turned off your console or PC while the ranks were synchronising with the Modern Warfare 3 servers.

Similar problems have plagued Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2 in a similar way where your stats would be completely reset or rolled back. In Black Ops, for some users their account data becoming corrupted lead to much worse problems where your account couldn’t be updated so you couldn’t ever change you custom classes or anything else related to your account. Lets hope the rank resetting in MW3 doesn’t extend to the same problems that hit Black Ops.

This shouldn’t happen ever really so make sure you always turn off your hardware properly and don’t go yanking your internet out randomly! Of course if your internet were to cut out before your rank is reset then that could cause problems, I recommend you don’t close down your console till you’ve got the internet back so it can sync because if you restart it or turn it off it may not sync properly. Personally after I’ve finished a session I change some of my create a class settings and leave it for a little bit to make sure it will update my stats on Activision’s end. It is not an ideal system and it is entirely Activision’s problem but hopefully once they fix all the network problems they’ve been having it will improve.

If your save file does become corrupted or doesn’t get synced then Activision will automatically load your last previous backup which they store on their servers, either way it’s a lot better than being reset back to 1! All praise backups!

Update: “My rank has been boosted up by a server”: Some users have reported that after joining certain games their rank has been boosted by a huge amount after joining “hacked” games which they have no control over, this can completely ruin the game for people because it will ruin all your stats completely. If this happens to you, you should immidietly unplug your console/PC from the internet and turn if off ASAP. This is a case where you actually don’t want your stats to be saved onto Activision’s servers. It’s ironic that one of the games biggest problems can be used to solve one of the games other problems but if you don’t want your stats and rank ruined then this is what you’ll have to do!

This problem also happened frequently on Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2 so you’ll just have to make sure you do this if you join a hacked server so your rank and stats aren’t ruined.

Update 2: How to prevent: A quote here from fourzerotwo’s twitter feed on how to prevent your stats from resetting and how you know they wont save: “If you ever get knocked back to menus with an error, it stops writing stats, you should restart your console for fresh connection.” so if this happens you’ll know what to do, but he later went on to say “This will be addressed in the next update to prevent it from ever happening so you don’t have to worry about it.”