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Terminal ‘lands’ on PlayStation 3 on the 16th of August for ELITE & 17th for everyone else (Absolutely Free!)

Infinity Ward has just revealed via their Twitter feed that Terminal will be coming to PlayStation 3 ELITE Players on the 14th of August and then a day later for all other members.  IW has updated that Terminal will be coming to the PlayStation 3 on the 16 for ELITE members and 17th for non-ELITE via an update on Twitter and will NOT be coming on the 14th/15th.

The classic map from Modern Warfare 2 will be absolutely free for all MW3 Players.

We recently spoke about the Terminal coming to the Xbox 360 first here. Basically due to the Microsoft Activision contract which covers all DLC, Terminal will be coming to the Xbox 360 first and then one month later for PC and PS3 which is what has happened.

The map has been completely re-skinned with all of the English text being converted to russian but the basic map layout is the same. Much like how Carentan was remade into China Town.

The new map is completely seperate from the ELITE Content Calendar and Content Collections, it is an extremely kind gesture on Infinity Ward’s side of things as they are giving it to everyone, absolutely free. Enjoy it people!


Terminal almost certain to return in Modern Warfare 3 for free (updated)

To quote Robert Bowling back in his days of Creative Strategist at Infinity Ward: “If we want to do a throwback map, let that be outside the DLC model, let it be free, let it be to everyone.” Robert Bowling knew what he wanted to happen at Infinity Ward with Modern Warfare 3 and it was clear that his hate of the whole subscription era we are in that it was one of the reasons he left his job post..

Robert Bowling wanted players favourite classic maps to be returned in Modern Warfare 3 and I think it is fair to say we would all like the same.

The chances of that happening has gotten a glimmer of hope today and Bowlings direction for MW3 may finally come true as Infinity Ward’s Executive Producer Mark Rubin reveales… When asked about Terminal returning in Modern Warfare 3 (Something we have heard about numerous times) he replied with the following via his Twitter page:

“I’m still trying to get that map out. It may not be in a drop per se. But rather off on it’s own.”

Excited yet? We sure are, Terminal was a fantastic map from Modern Warfare 2 and it would be brilliant to see it retured in Modern Warfare 3. The message confirms what Robert Bowling saw for throwback maps in Modern Warfare 3 and what the users want! We saw yesterday that the Terminal map appeared shortly on a users PlayStation 3 which was completely unmodded and unhacked so we are all but certain Terminal will be returning at somepoint.

A previous images hinting to signs of Terminal returing in Modern Warfare 3

As explained before you can’t simply drag and drop a old map from MW2 into MW3, it takes a lot of time to convert it but all the evidence points towards it being well under construction. Stay tuned for more info as it arrives.

Update 1: Mark Rubin reveals more details about Terminal’s return! Check out the pics of some of the things he’s been saying on his Twitter feed. He has confirmed it will be released for free and it will be finalizing its development next week!

Update 2: Further updates! Screenshots of Terminal with visual overhaull (via Charlies Intel)

Theres no doubt about it folks, Terminal is certain to return in Modern Warfare 3 and will be completely free! We cannot wait for it to return in the next few weeks. The screenshots below via 7S:Gunz are from Modern Warfare 3 which reveal how Terminal has been reskinned for Modern Warfare 3, most of the text and writing from the map has been translated from English to Russian for its release.

Modern Warfare 3 TERMINAL:

Modern Warfare 2  TERMINAL (comparison):


Leaked June DLC: New Map Shipbreaker & Terminal on their way?

In a video by YouTube user Coolyer1, two new maps were revealed on the PlayStation 3 after the 1.15 update and the addition of the new ELITE Drops & Face Off maps.

The two maps “Terminal” & “Shipbreaker” appeared on the list of maps in the private match game mode for a short period of time for some reason but unfortunatley disappeared after trying to play the Shipbreaker map.

The Shipbreaker maps alternate / development name seems to be MPUI_BOARDWALK it could be that BoardWalk will be the final name of this extra map which looks like a possible new Face Off map similar to Rust from Modern Warfare 2. It also looks similar to some of the desert missions from Modern Warfare 3′s single player campaign & Spec Ops (Smack Town) missions which adds to the validity that this could be a legitimate map since developers usually create Multiplayer Maps from the campaign.

As for Terminal, there have been a numerous rumours about this map returning and I think if this video is legitimate which is almost certainly is then Terminal will be returning into Modern Warfare 3 in one way or another. Read our full post on the other information regarding the Terminal Map here.

UPDATE NEWS FOR TERMINAL: Executive Produced at Infinity Ward basically confirms Terminal will be returning.

If a map from Modern Warfare 2 was to be returned as part of MW3′s DLC Season then it will most likely be completely re-designed with brand new visuals but with the same sort of lay out. This has been done previously when China Town was released for COD 4. China Town was based on the hugely popular Carentan map from COD 1 & 2 except it was completely re-made with a Chinese theme while keeping the same Carentan layout.

These two new maps could likely be part of the June ELITE DLC Season for the Xbox 360 which will then come to the PlayStation 3 in July.

Update: Mark Rubin revealed today via Twitter that the June DLC Season will consist of 1 Spec Ops mission & 3 Face Off maps for the Xbox 360. No pictures have yet been released so we can’t say whether they match the Shipbreaker map above or Terminal from Modern Warfare 2. If the Shipbreaker & Terminal won’t be featuring in the June DLC Season then it is likely that they will feature later on instead. Follow us on Twitter for the latest.