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MW3 Content Drops 4, 5 & 6 teased!

In an official post by the MW3Updates and via Call of Duty’s content calendar, some details were revealed about the fourth, fifth and sixth content drops for Modern Warfare 3. The March season of content includes one new multiplayer map and two new spec ops missions.

“Three more #MW3 Content Drops coming for Xbox 360 Premium members in March: Black Box, Black Ice, and Negotiator

The fourth content drop “Black Box” was teased previously when some unofficial images were revealed depicting a plane crash next to what looks like the Estate mission from Modern Warfare 2 (This map was previously rumoured to be named “Morning Wood”).

Apart from the image below which was leaked and the small picture on the content calendar no other information has been released yet.

Apart from the images and names, little information has been released about the two spec ops missions.

“Black Ice” appears to be one of the very fun spec ops missions which takes you for a ride on a snowmobile while you shoot down enemies and dodge trees, usually ending with a spectacular jump over a cliff to the finish line. Always a very fun spec ops mission!

These content drops will be released for Xbox 360 Premium ELITE members sometime in March 2012. The release date will be later for PS3 players as usual and even later for non Premium Players when released as part of a map pack.

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