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Call of Duty Elite for mobile release date announced – tomorrow for iOS devices.

According to a poster over at joystiq.com the mobile version which users have been craving for a while now will be released for iOS devices tomorrow (10th of January 2012).

The mobile app is going to be available for iOS and Android, the Android version will be released about a week later.

“The Elite app will offer four main areas of mobile control:

  • Career summary: Just like Elite main, check stats and general player information on yourself and others you’ve played
  • Recent matches: After-action report on the past 10 matches, including scores, kill/death ratios, map information for yourself and others in the match
  • Challenge Tracker: Tracks your progress through specific challenges
  • Customize classes: Modify your loadout — weapons, perks, attachments — and push custom classes directly to game”

Using the mobile application will be very similar to logging onto your account at callofduty.com/elite. So you can edit your classes and manage events and all sort while on the go and from the convenience of your mobile in an all round well put together app.

We were expecing the applications to be released with the release of Modern Warfare 3 and the Elite service at launch since this is what users were promised when they signed up but it’s still good that we are finally getting it. It’d be great too if we saw a Windows Phone version of the application too.

According to Beachhead Studios head Chacko Sonny the people behind the Elite service: “Part of the reason they’re not up yet is because we learned a tremendous amount at launch about testing and scaling and making sure that things are at the level that the community really, really wants it to be at before releasing them into the wild”

It’s a pretty good day for PC gamers too as a glimpse of hope appears as “A PC version is definitely still a priority for the studio” so we can hope that this is presued and full functionality is brought to the PC community.

The great part about this mobile app is that it’s completely free! So it will benefit not only Elite premium subscribers but the whole Modern Warfare 3 console community.