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Face Off Now Available

How to download free FACE OFF maps

Face Off is now available to PlayStation 3 ELITE Premium members and will be available for all PlayStation 3 users tomorrow, so here is help with downloading the two completely free maps. To view our full post on Face Off and what it holds, click here.

  1. First of all make sure you are connected to the internet and start up Modern Warfare 3.
  2. If you haven’t already updated the game to version 1.15 then you will be prompted to do so.
  3. Download & Install the 1.15 patch. (Release notes here)
  4. Go to ELITE Playlists & choose from one of the 3 Face Off game modes (1v1, 2v2 or 3v3).
  5. You will be prompted that you need to download the Face Off Maps, accept and you’ll be taken to the PlayStation Store.
  6. Choose the download labelled “Call of Duty: MW3 – 2 FREE Face Off Maps: Erosion/Aground (Game Pack)
  7. Press the download button.
  8. If you are presented with a list of downloads for the new content then choose the one whose BLES Code matches the one on your games (See pic below for help) & only download that game pack.
  9. Let it download the 163 MB File & install it.

Once done, repeat step 4 again and start playing! (If it still says your maps are missing make sure you downloaded the pack which maches your games BLES Code).

NOTE: If you are a PlayStation 3 ELITE Premium member then repeat the steps above for the June Content Drops & hit the Download All button.

Choose the download which matches the BLES code on your game box

Face Off Map: Aground (Free to all MW3 Players): (Available to all MW3 members): Head to Scotland’s Orkney Islands for the latest “Face Off” map, where treacherous cliff faces, networks of caves and the rusted and ruined remains of a grounded transport ship provide for constant combat.

Face Off Map: Erosion (Free to all MW3 Players): (Available to all MW3 members): Make your way through Mediterranean ruins and ancient aqueducts, using leftover Roman masonry for thousand-year-old cover in this new “Face Off” map. An epic visual experiance, brilliant architecture which is built around a 2v2 gameplay style. This map has three main routes, two down the side and one down the middle.