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Modern Warfare 3: Content Collection 3

Modern Warfare 3′s DLC season is well under way and we are already over half way! Content Collection 3 is the latest DLC package for all non-premium ELITE members and will be available for purchase via the PSN, Xbox LIVE or Steam. Like all of MW3′s extra content content collection 3 will be available for the Xbox 360 one month before all other platforms.

Content Collection 3 has a lot of different content in it and packs more content than any other Collection with 7 pieces of brand new content compared to 6 in the previous packages (ELITE Drops 13 to 18). Collection 3 includes two Spec Ops missions, three Face Off maps and two Multiplayer maps.

Collection 3 Release Dates:

Xbox 360: 9th of August 2012
PlayStation 3: 13th of September 2012
PC: 13th of September 2012

The 7 pieces of content in Collection Map Pack 3 can be found below:

The first piece of new content (ELITE DROP 13) is the Spec Ops mission called “Arctic Recon”. Requiring surgical precision by air, land, and sea, this new Special Ops mission tasks you with destroying a Russian battleship by planting beacons for an air strike. Take control of a recon helicopter to reveal the beacon locations before fighting off forces on the ground to ensure the ship never leaves port. This mission requires two players so make sure you select your teammate wisely!

Three brand new Achievement / Trophies have also been added to the game as a result of the Arctic Recon Spec Ops mission:

  • Stay Frosty: Complete the “Arctic Recon” Special Ops mission on any difficulty. (15G)
  • Sub Zero: Complete the “Arctic Recon” Special Ops mission on Veteran difficulty.
  • dr0n3d: Complete the “Arctic Recon” Special Ops mission in under 3:30.

Arctic Recon

Next up we have ELITE DROP 14 which for some weird reason consists of two pieces of content: “Vortex” and “U-Turn”. In Vortex no storm shelter can keep you safe, the all-new “Face Off” map that places you just outside the danger zone of a devastating tornado. This one reminds us of Overgrown from previous Modern Warfare games!

An old ranch house sits threatened by the approach of a raging tornado. The front porch and sprawling shrubbery intensifies combat to the south with a tight line of sight. An open field stretches across the north, with a cornfield and central hill obscuring visuals, making ambush an ever-present threat.


Vortex Tactical View

U-Turn is a bombed-out, gridlocked highway provides a perfect backdrop for combatants on this all-new “Face Off” map, where oil fields burn black high above six-lanes’ worth of abandoned cars, buses and paths for attack.

A militarized highway cuts across a burning oil field, with damaged vehicles strewn about four vertical lanes. Minimal overhead cover increases the threat of aerial killstreaks and the surrounding clutter makes detection much more difficult. Keep a low profile, sweep the area, and get the jump on your target.


U-Turn Tactical View

ELITE DROP 15: A New York bridge overpass provides the backdrop for this all-new “Face Off” map, Intersection in which an ultra-condensed 2-block battle zone allows players to fight on the first and second floors of surrounding apartments and bombed-out bodegas.

Four buildings circle a large cross street, encouraging players to dig in and fight it out across the map. Race out into the open and expect to quickly come under fire. Stick to the interior, protect your position with ground explosives, and book it only when the enemy starts pushing toward your location.


Intersection Tactical View

ELITE Drop 18 is a brand new Spec Ops mission called Vertigo.The luxurious “Oasis” hotel in Dubai hosts the latest Special Ops mission, in which players must use laser-guided RPG’s to dispatch waves of helicopters. Utilize rooftop advantage to defend from waves of enemies, before parachuting to a ground-level exfil point.

Drop 19: Special Delivery

Special Delivery Environment_resized.jpg

Deep behind enemy lines, an allied flight crew helplessly awaits their fate at a nearby crash site. Pairing up a soldier on the ground and a helicopter gunner equipped with care packages, this Special Ops mission objective is to overcome the enemy resistance and rescue the allied crew.

Drop 20: Light ‘Em Up

Light 'Em Up Environment_resized.jpg

A VIP has been captured and detained within Makarov’s castle, and it’s up to you to breach the fortress in the dead of night and get him out. Take control of a small helicopter, secure the hostage, and evacuate before dawn’s first light in this new Special Ops mission.

Drop 21: New Mode – Special Ops Chaos Mode


A whole new way to play Call of Duty®, Special Ops Chaos mode delivers the ultimate in arcade mayhem. Experience truly heart-pounding and adrenaline-fueled action while competing for high scores in Resistance, Village, Underground and Dome. Chain kills together against a never-ending onslaught of enemies to increase your combo multiplier and earn performance-enhancing perks. Choose your route through each map to optimize weapon pickups, attack, and escape options. Play solo, split screen or online with a friend to take out as many enemies as possible before they take you down or the clock hits zero.

To play the new maps: Once you’ve downloaded the new maps there will be a new playlist type called Elite Playlists for online Multiplayer, from which you can play your new maps. Also for survival mode, there will be an option called “The struggle continues with all new maps”, select that and you’re on your way!

Content Collection 3 will cost $15 or 1200 Microsoft points.


Modern Warfare 3: ELITE Content Drops 16, 17 & 18

Missing new multiplayer maps from MW3 in the past few months? We sure have been but not to worry! The July DLC for Xbox 360 is about to change all that with two brand new multiplayer maps and a Spec Ops mission called Vertigo on their way.

For the past few months Modern Warfare 3′s DLC season has been taken up with the awesome Face Off game mode which now has a total of 7 maps available for it. Of course Face Off isn’t for everyone so it’s brilliant that multiplayer maps are returning.

Also, outside of the ELITE DLC Season, Terminal will be releasing free the same month as these brand new content drops. Xbox 360 ELITE Players will receive Terminal on the 17th and all other 360 player will on the 18th. Full info here.

Content Drops 16 – 18 Release Dates:

Xbox 360 Elite Subscriber: 17th July 2012
PlayStation 3 Elite Subscriber: Around 19th August 2012
Xbox 360: Somepoint in July as part of Map Pack 3.
PlayStation 3: Somepoint in August as part of Map Pack 3.
PC: Somepoint in August as part of Map Pack 3.

ELITE Drop 16 is a Multiplayer map called Decomission. A graveyard of rotting [or add decommissioned here] ocean liners has not only given birth to a shantytown of locals, but a mid-sized Multiplayer Map populated in chokepoints; providing the perfect setting for shoreline-based combat.

ELITE Drop 17 is a Multiplayer map called Offshore. Trapped on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean, you have nowhere to go but directly at your enemies in this new Multiplayer map boasting helipads, cranes, and countless perches for snipers eager to pick off the competition. Did we mention to look down or else you may fall off?

ELITE Drop 18 is a brand new Spec Ops mission called Vertigo.The luxurious “Oasis” hotel in Dubai hosts the latest Special Ops mission, in which players must use laser-guided RPG’s to dispatch waves of helicopters. Utilize rooftop advantage to defend from waves of enemies, before parachuting to a ground-level exfil point.

How do I get it the drops?

If you are an Elite premium member then the next time you go into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer you will get a message saying that new content is available and then it will download it automatically. If not then make sure you visit the “Store” menu option where you should be presented with a message. The content will roll out slowly around the world so don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t show up straight away.

There is more detailed information on how to download it here for Elite members on this page.

Note: You can still become an Elite member after the Drops have been released and still get all the Drops that have been and will be released.

If you are not an Elite member then you will need to wait till the content is released as part of a map pack which will include 5 pieces of content. Then you can purchase it through the PlayStation Network, XBOX Live or Steam (For PC users).


Call of Duty Content Calendar Updated! July to bring 2 new multiplayer maps and 1 Spec Ops

The official Call of Duty content calendar for ELITE has finally been properly updated. We’ve waited a long time for the badly maintained page to reveal what is in store for us in the rest of the season and we finally have some answers and an idea of what will complete the Call of Duty DLC Season.

So in July we are finally going to be getting two brand new Multiplayer maps (Something which we haven’t had for over two months now) which have been greatly missed due to the addition of the Face Off game mode and the various maps recently released for that.

Alongside the two Multiplayer Maps in July, Xbox 360 ELITE Players will be getting their hands on another new Spec Ops Mission.

With 3 pieces of content scheduled for August and September, it concludes the ELITE DLC Season, bringing the total ELITE Content Drops to 24 and the total Map Pack scheduled for release to 4.

So Call of Duty Content Collection 3 will consist of ELITE Content Drops 13 to 18 and will be released some time in July for all Xbox 360 customers and naturally a month later for PC & PlayStation 3.

The Content Calendar also reveals that Content Collection Map Pack 4 will include ELITE DLC Drops 19 to 24.

Although we are only just over half way through the ELITE DLC Season, when we put it in those terms it seems so short! We cannot wait to see what July holds for Modern Warfare 3. The month that looks to be the most interesting is September too, which will give us three brand new Multiplayer maps!