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More infomation and pictures on Piazza and Liberation maps: Content Drops 1 & 2

As revealed in a post two days ago we were informed that Robert Bowling would be talking about the first two maps that are going to be featured in Modern Warfare 3′s DLC season on GTTV. As promised here are some screenshots and the link to the video. He told us a little more about the maps, what makes them unique and some great game play footage.

The video showed a lot of game play of both the maps (Liberation and Piazza) The first Drop (Liberation), is described as a militarized central park in new york and unlike any other map in Modern Warfare 3. The main focus of this map is snipers, the map provides great sight-lines down the map for some great sniping action, as well as two turrets on either side of the map to allow you to hold certain areas with ease. The map is going to be great for big team games such as Domination and Ground War.

The second Drop map called Piazza is set in an Italian sea side village, proving to a visually beautiful map. The map is very vertical and is a massive uphill battle, providing a new type of game play and offering up some new strategic possibilities. As well as this, the map features tight corridors resulting in lots of close quarters combat situations. The map also provides lots of routes to get around making it great for flanking round behind the enemy.

For more information on the maps and when they will be released check here (MW3 Content Season – How the Content Drops and Content Collections will work and roadmap) and don’t forget to watch the GTTV video below for all the pics and video’s of game play. The Modern Warfare 3 DLC information starts at about 17 minutes into the video.