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Leaked June DLC: New Map Shipbreaker & Terminal on their way?

In a video by YouTube user Coolyer1, two new maps were revealed on the PlayStation 3 after the 1.15 update and the addition of the new ELITE Drops & Face Off maps.

The two maps “Terminal” & “Shipbreaker” appeared on the list of maps in the private match game mode for a short period of time for some reason but unfortunatley disappeared after trying to play the Shipbreaker map.

The Shipbreaker maps alternate / development name seems to be MPUI_BOARDWALK it could be that BoardWalk will be the final name of this extra map which looks like a possible new Face Off map similar to Rust from Modern Warfare 2. It also looks similar to some of the desert missions from Modern Warfare 3′s single player campaign & Spec Ops (Smack Town) missions which adds to the validity that this could be a legitimate map since developers usually create Multiplayer Maps from the campaign.

As for Terminal, there have been a numerous rumours about this map returning and I think if this video is legitimate which is almost certainly is then Terminal will be returning into Modern Warfare 3 in one way or another. Read our full post on the other information regarding the Terminal Map here.

UPDATE NEWS FOR TERMINAL: Executive Produced at Infinity Ward basically confirms Terminal will be returning.

If a map from Modern Warfare 2 was to be returned as part of MW3′s DLC Season then it will most likely be completely re-designed with brand new visuals but with the same sort of lay out. This has been done previously when China Town was released for COD 4. China Town was based on the hugely popular Carentan map from COD 1 & 2 except it was completely re-made with a Chinese theme while keeping the same Carentan layout.

These two new maps could likely be part of the June ELITE DLC Season for the Xbox 360 which will then come to the PlayStation 3 in July.

Update: Mark Rubin revealed today via Twitter that the June DLC Season will consist of 1 Spec Ops mission & 3 Face Off maps for the Xbox 360. No pictures have yet been released so we can’t say whether they match the Shipbreaker map above or Terminal from Modern Warfare 2. If the Shipbreaker & Terminal won’t be featuring in the June DLC Season then it is likely that they will feature later on instead. Follow us on Twitter for the latest.


MW3 “Easter Egg” possibly hints at future map pack content

If you’ve completed Modern Warfare 3′s single player campaign experience then you should remember a mission where you are fighting in the underground tube lines of London.

It’s a great mission which captures the feel of London’s tube stations well but looking more closely at the details we’ve managed to find some possible hints to map’s which could feature in future map packs, of course this is all just a theory.

Specifically, if you take a look at the London tube map which is present at multiple locations throughout the mission you’ll notice that all the station names are rather random and mildly humorous!

Reading through all the stations listed though there are two which stand out which include the names of previous maps featured in Call of Duty. As you can see from the picture below these are “2ND Terminal” and “Verruckt”.

Terminal was a map set in an Airport terminal which featured in Modern Warfare 2 and was recently sighted as a map which would be included in the unofficial Nostalgic Map Pack so this could back up the validity of the Nostalgic map pack and a welcome return of the Terminal map.

Secondly we see “Verruckt” which is much less subtle and straight to the point. Verruckt was a Zombie map which featured in a Black Ops and World at War map pack. The map was literally only for the game mode Zombies but we could see it return to Modern Warfare 3 in some other form, perhaps a survival or spec-ops mission.

Either way we’ll have to wait and see if these maps will make an appearance in a Call of Duty Map Pack. At the end of the day they are great map packs and would be a welcome asset to MW3 or it’s just a bit of fun on Infinty Ward’s end of things!