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NukeTown 2025 Retail Banner

Pre-Order Black Ops 2 via GAME and get “Nuketown 2025″ bonus map!

GAME in the UK has started taking pre-orders for Black Ops 2 for its release on the 13th of November and doing so will earn you a little bonus…

Check out the picture below of one of their promotional banners teasing “Nuketown 2025″ along with the strapline “Relive the close quarters chaos of this classic fan-favourite map, reimagined in a visionary depection of the “Model home of the future”.

NukeTown was a brilliant map from the original Black Ops and it would be a wecome addition to Black Ops 2 with a complete re-skin.

This free map does however raise questions about how the whole DLC system will work for Black Ops 2… With ELITE being a large part of Call of Duty it is more than likely there there will be content drops like there have been with Modern Warfare 3.

This free map will completely split the community at the release of the game however between those who pre-ordered the game and those who didn’t. Perhaps the NukeTown 2025 map will be released a week later or something similar after the release so that everyone has the chance to get their hands on it.

(Via CharlieIntel) We’ll have to wait and see how the DLC system will work for Black Ops 2 and this free map, will this make your more inclined to pre-order?