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Modern Warfare 3 Update/Patch 1.04

An update for the PS3 Version of Modern Warfare 3 has been released, version 1.04. It is 21 MB file, the same as the last patch. No official word has been said on what the update is to include but stay tuned for more information!

Being a small update, it is likely to bring some needed fixes to the game, hopefully further improvements on the network side of things which Call of Duty has been desperatley struggeling with. Other fixes are likely to be glitches in the maps that can give some users unfair advantages, such as the Outpost underground glitch which has been addressed in the patch.

As well as network issues, some users have reported that they have noticed fixes in the matchmaking side of things, makeing things smoother and actually work! Problems with lost connections to the host should now be smaller too. Improvements to the spawning system, which was causing enemy players to spawn too close to you have also been noticed.

Ironically and rather frustratingly, some users have reported that the patch has made the game much worse for them when playing online and has created more issues than it has solved. Have you experienced any of these issues after installing the patch? It could be Call of Duty’s servers are pretty busy as they are pushing this patch out to everyone but majority of people should notice improvements.

We personally are still experiencing in game lag and occasional freezes in game, we can only hope that these issues are fixed in a later patch or when Activision can cope with the enormous volume of users on their servers.

For those of you experiencing network issues, check out our post here on some fixes you can try.

Update: Fixes for network related problems etc are going to be in the next update, information here.

Update 2: On the 5th of December an official change log was released, stating that the 1.03 update fixed the following: “Change to address hitching and lag in gameplay.”