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Possible Modern Warfare Map Pack maps found amongst files

A source here, has revealed some details which could indicate some possible maps that will be included in future Modern Warfare 3 map packs.

Like with previous versions of modern warfare, certain folk have dug deep into the files included on the Modern Warfare 3 installation disk to reveal some interesting findings. The files that have been found on the Modern Warfare 3 disk indicate 5 possible maps. 4 which are from Call of Duty: 4 and 1 from Modern Warfare 2. The maps from Call of Duty 4 have already been brought back to life once in Modern Warfare 2 so it wouldn’t be such a big shock if they were brought back. Especially since the 4 maps are all brilliant and would definitely be welcomed.

Files relating to the map Highrise from Modern Warfare 2 have also been found. We recently had a look back at the Call of Duty games to decide which maps we’d like to see brought back to life in Modern Warfare 3 here.

The proof image below was posted from Mp1st.com :

Just a reminder that these files don’t indicated anything definite although similar files found in Black Ops turned out to be true. We have mentioned these map files being included on the disk previous here regarding the price of Call of Duty map here, take a look and tell us what you think.