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First two content drops coming for PS3 ELITE members 28th February

It has now been officially announced that the first two content drops Piazza and Liberation will be released for PlayStation 3 ELITE Premium members on the 28th of february.

For full information on the first two content drops, check out our post here: http://www.callofdutymappacks.com/modern-warfare-3/modern-warfare-3-content-drops-1-2/

The first two drops were released for Xbox 360 ELITE Premium members last month (24th of January). Xbox 360 ELITE Premium members should expect their next content drop (content drop 3) also, sometime in february.

“If you’re an Elite premium member, you’ll get an in-game message on the MW3 multiplayer menu on February 28, letting you know the new stuff’s ready to download. If you’re not a premium member, these maps will be released to the general public some time in the future (they have not specified a date yet). And of course, you can still join up if you want all the new content over the nine-month season.”

As per Call of Duty’s unique style, the DLC will be released on a tuesday.

If you are a PS3 ELITE Subscriber then make sure you keep the 28th a free day so you can learn the maps as fast as possible and experience these new and exciting maps! Until that time, Robert Bowling gave us some top tips on the map you should look at so you’ll have the upper hand when the time comes. Full post on the tips here: http://www.callofdutymappacks.com/news/robert-bowling-gives-us-some-pro-tips-on-the-new-maps-released/

Also, If you haven’t seen the full timeline for when the content will be released and what type of content will be included then check here.



When will the Map Pack DLC drop for PS3 ELITE Premium users?

Update: In an official statement, it was revealed that the DLC for ELITE Premium PS3 members will arrive on the 28th of November.

On the 24th of January the first two content drops for Xbox 360 ELITE Premium members was released. As many of you will already know, Xbox 360 users always get content before all other platforms with Call of Duty (More info on that here). The question that is facing many users though is when will the drops come for PS3 players?

Although no date has been officially released yet, judging by previous release times it shouldn’t be too hard to predict when it will be.

For example, the Black Ops: Rezurrection map pack was released on the 23rd of August 2011 for Xbox 360 users and the 24th of September for PC and PS3 players. As with all of the Black Ops map packs, the release date for PS3 and PC was nearly always exactly a month after the Xbox.

Since this is clearly around the right amount of time which was agreed in the contract between Activision and Microsoft, we can assume that the DLC map packs will drop for PS3 Elite meembers somewhere around the 24th of Feburary.

The timeframe for all platforms will likely be as follows:

Xbox 360 Elite Subscriber: 24th January 2012
PlayStation 3 Elite Subscriber: Around the 24th of Feburary
Xbox 360: Expected for a March release (As part of a Full Map Pack DLC)
PlayStation 3: Likely not until April (As part of a Full Map Pack DLC)
PC: Likely not until April (As part of a Full Map Pack DLC)

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