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More hot fixes tonight or tomorrow!

Information once again from FourZeroTwo (Creative Strategist at Infinity Ward on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ) has revealed that only a couple of days after the hot fix update on Monday, there is already another one that is about to be released either today or tomorrow.

The update will finally add hitmarker sounds on the PlayStation 3 which up until this point have been left out of the game for PS3 users.

Updates regarding the Juggernaut suit online and being stuck with semtex have also been addressed, now when you stick a Jugger with semtex, they won’t die instantly. Afterall, they are Juggernauts!

Remember, hot fixes happen all behind the scenes so you wont even notice the update happening, it’s a really efficient and easy way of updating the game without wasting lots of bandwitch or time doing a full patch.