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Rezurrection: Map Pack 4

Rezurrection is the fourth set of maps that is to be been made available for Call of Duty: Black Ops as downloadable content (DLC).

Release Date:
Xbox 360: August 23, 2011
PC & PS3: September 22, 2011

The map pack is available for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. The package differs from all the others for Black Ops in that it is all Black Ops Zombies orientated and all the maps included are for the Zombies game mode. One of the maps is brand new but the other 4 have been copied from Call of Duty: World at War (Treyarch’s other Call of duty title which was the first to include the zombies game mode) but they are said to be re-mastered…

The new DLC also includes the following: “An enhanced Zombies soundtrack INCLUDING, three tracks never before available for purchase. A new Zombies “Moon” theme.”"Lift off into the latest Zombies epic with “Rezurrection,” the new content pack for “Call of Duty: Black Ops,” and the first to launch players into space! Old school Zombies strategies get blown out of the airlock in “Moon,” where armed with new perks and a space-age arsenal of weapons, our heroes must overcome undead astronauts and fluctuating gravity as they unearth conspiracies that began in 1943.”

The maps included in Rezurrection are as follows:

Moon:  Descriped by Treyarch as the most challenging and thrilling map yet. It is set in a space age area so the weapons and zombies match this theme. A very atomispheric map which includes uniquie gameplay with zero gravity at times, futuristic guns and futuristic zombies… This is the map that stands out from all the others currently availabile for Black Ops.

Initially you start the mission at Area 51 where you fight the low level and weak zombie. After a while the teleporter to access the moon become availabile and you can all enter it and the awesomeness can begin! If you don’t leave Area 51 when the teleport becomes availabile then Hellhounds will spawn to get you to get a move on! Oh and just a hint, don’t forget to pick up a space suit after the teleport!

New features in Moon include a new Perk-A-Cola: Mule Kick: Gives the player access to a third weapon slow when purchased as well as two new weapons known as the Wave Gun and the Quantum Entanglement Device (QED)

Nacht der Untöten: (Meaning “Night of the Undead”). This is the first ever zombie map that was available for World at War when it was first released. It really is a classic and many will already be familiar with it. Its a simple map, no teleporters or wolves but still great fun!

The map is set in a broken up concrete building with holes everywhere. You start the game downstairs and can later open the door to the supply room where you can access the Myster weapons boxwhere it will not ever disappear so you can easily spend all your money on it hoping for the ray gun! The map is one of the smallest amongst the Zombie franchise so there is little space to run away!

The map is split into three main areas: The starting area, The supply room and upstairs. The supply room is great for getting extra weapons etc. The map gets hard though once you’ve cleared all barricades since they’ll be coming at you from all angles!

Verrückt: (Meaning ”Crazy”) Set in some sort of medical facility in Berlin, with a fairly small map size compared to some it is still lots of fun. This map features originally in the Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 1 but has now been brought to Black Ops. In World at War this was the first map to include the Perk-A-Cola feature so there are plently of these scattered around the map. The map is also the first to ever include traps! Electroshock barriers are included in the map to hold back the oncoming hordes… Just remember you need to turn the power on first to access these features!

The map is larger than its predecessor Nacht der Untoten but its not huge enough to get confused! Zombies have a much faster approach in this map too so don’t wait around to take em’ out! The Mystery weapons in Verruckt disappears to a different part of them map when it is used to much so use it wisely. It can spawn to any part of the map so you’ll have to search around a bit for it.

Shi No Numa: (Meaning “Swamp of Death) is set in a swamp with huts, this map was the first to include the feared Hellhounds. It also includes Japanese zombies rather than Nazi ones! This first featured in Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 2 but has now been brought to Black Ops. The map is good because it is the first to allow you to use the Perk-A-Cola machines without having to turn on the power first.

There are 5 different huts which you can access throughout the map. In order to access each you must forst battle accross a different area of swampland. You start in the large main hut and progress outwards when the time is right. This is one of the biggest maps from World at War but still a really fun one since the Hellhounds really make you have to work together since they appear completely randomly.

Der Riese: (Meaning “The Giant”) is set in what looks like some sort of Nazi factory. It includes Hellhounds and was the first zombie map in World at War to include teleporters. “Pack-a-Punch” perk machine are also a featured as expected! This first featured in Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 3 but has now been brought to Black Ops.

The use of teleports add a new tatical approach to dealing with Zombies because in the event that you need to run away you can get teleported to the other side of the map where it should be safer. The map includes the additon of a new weapon called the Monkey Bomb. Similar to the Pipe bombs featured in the Left4Dead games it attracts all zombies towards it when placed before exploding and taking them all out. It is really useful to distract zombies.

Electroshock defences are included in this map too although power must first be activated before you can use them. The same goes for the Perk-A-Cola machines. The power will also lower a bridge and give you access to other parts of the map. Another new feature is the Carpenter power up that dead zombies can drop, it drops in the same was as Insta-Kill and Max Ammo. Carpenter instantly fixes all of the wooden barricades at zombie entrance points.

The way I see it is there is one new map available in this DLC, many people will already own or have purchased majority of the maps! Afterall PC users got all these maps completely free when World at War was out. If you own most of these maps already or own World at War on the PC then I see very little point in the pack (unless you really want to play “Moon”). On the other hand if you never owned World at War this is a great way to catch up on what you’ve been missing since every map offers something different and unique.

Prices: £11.49 or 1200 Microsoft points

Source: http://www.treyarch.com/news/490