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Call of Duty:ELITE FAQ – What happens after membership runs out? and more…

The ELITE service that has been offered to players since the launch of Modern Warfare 3 is totally new to the Call of Duty franchise, it’s something we’ve never seen before so it can be a little confusing.

Overview of ELITE: Call of Duty’s ELITE service allows you to connect with your friends and meet new people who want to play like you. Join Public Groups of players with similar interests and create Private Clans for a personalized multiplayer experience where you can share, stream and stack up your Call of Duty ELITE conquests on a global stage.

Anyone can sign up for a free ELITE account, you can use to to access stats and information from Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3. The MW3 section of ELITE has more features available as it is more tightly integrated. The advantages of upgrading to an ELITE account can be found in the chart below. One of the main perks of having a premium account is you will get all 20 pieces of DLC for Modern Warfare 3 for free.

Check the ELITE website for more details.

Call of Duty: ELITE FAQ:

1) What happens after my ELITE membership runs out? Do I get to keep the map packs and DLC? “Yes. Annual members will be able to keep the MW3 Content Season if they choose not to continue their Call of Duty ELITE membership. ”

2) Do Xbox 360 and PS3 premium ELITE members receive their content drops at the same time? “Similar to Map Packs, X360 Premium members will receive their content drops before PS3 Premium members. All Call of Duty ELITE Premium members will receive monthly content drops for 9 months through the MW3 Content Season, and they will also receive their content drops before non-premium members on their console. ”

Check out our in-depth post here: http://www.callofdutymappacks.com/news/why-the-xbox-360-gets-call-of-duty-dlc-before-all-other-platforms/ for full information on exactly why the 360 gets content first and what the future holds.

3) Can I get MW3 DLC and map packs without an ELITE subscription? “Yes. We will be making the MW3 Content Season drops available for purchase as Modern Warfare 3 Content Collections for those who may prefer this option. ”

4) How much does ELITE premium membership cost? “We are offering annual Call of Duty ELITE memberships at $49.99 in the U.S. This offers an incredible value since it includes access to the ELITE premium service features and $60 ARV of downloadable content the MW3 Content Season. ”

5) What happens if I join Call of Duty ELITE Premium after the first Drops have been released, do I still get the content? “Yes, the entire MW3 Season is available to you as an ELITE premium member, regardless of when you join. As soon as you join, all prior ELITE content will be immediately made available to you, and you will then receive future drops on a monthly basis for the remainder of the 9 month Season. ”

6) I’m a Xbox 360 member, how do I download the first content drops? Check out our post here on how to download them: http://www.callofdutymappacks.com/news/how-to-download-mw3-dlc-and-content-drops/

Hope this clears up any confusion regarding the ELITE service and DLC’s. The first content drop was released for Xbox 360 Elite members on the 24th of January, check out the full post on the content here: http://www.callofdutymappacks.com/modern-warfare-3/modern-warfare-3-content-drops-1-2/

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