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Black Ops 2 Screenshots leaked via a Hollywood Special Effects Company

Below are the first images of the Prototype Quadrotor in-game. From the images it seems the screenshots were taken early on in the development of the game as maps they are featured in seem bare and incomplete.

“Reel Efx fabricated the prototype quadrotor prop which was outfitted with remote control blades. We also provided pyro effects, wind effects including fullers earth for dust, and mortars for flying debris during the car explosion.”

“Those images were released by the mechanical special effects company, Reel EFX, that worked on FPSRussia’s viral video. The images were taken down minutes before this article was published. (It’s possible that the quadrotor was rendered in MW3′s engine for the special effects firm to model the real life version after it. The project page that was taken down earlier listed the project as “Call of Duty.”)” (Via MP1st.com)

Check out the official video of the Quadrotor above too!