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More updates and fixes on the way for Modern Warfare 3

Fourzerotwo has been pretty active today on twitter and has told us a lot about new updates and such which are in the works and some other useful tips.

To start with the Infinity Ward team are working on the problems brought up with weapon recoil reports. “Several other updates in the works as well: Clan Tags (All), Stats Loss (PS3), Lag Comp (All)” We were hoping that the Stat loss problem had been fixed in the 1.05 update which was issued last week but since no change log was provided we cannot confirm this. We have asked fourzerotwo for information regarding changelog’s for all the previous updates and will keep you posted, so stay tuned to our RSS Feed.

The lag compensation is a feature which lots of users are having real issues with because it is ruining the game for some users. The lag compensation feature basically slows down the faster players who have better PC hardware or faster connections to match the slower people so that the game is more equal. How ever it’s been making the game really slow and glitchy for some users and has caused many problems, probbably more than if it wasn’t included at all! We doubt they are going to remove the system all together, that doesn’t seem to be the Infinty Ward way, they are more likely to tweak the settings and make it smoother all round for all players.

In regards to the FMG9 weapon, many have reported that it is overpowered in multiplayer giving those who use it an unfair advantage. Fourzerotwo told us that the weapon will be getting re-balanced in a new update this week. The update he refers to is likely a hotfix which isn’t announced as a full on 1.0x update.

Update from official MW3 Update feed: The official twitter feed has just posted the following, confirming what fourzerotwo previously said: “More #MW3 updates in the works addressing lag, clan tag glitches and stat/rank removal.” This patch / update will likely be dubbed the 1.06 update.