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Stimulus Package

The Stimulus Package is the first DLC Map pack that is availabile for Modern Warfare 2. The package contains 5 multiplayer maps, 3 of which are brand new and 2 which have been resurrected from Call of Duty 4.

Release Date: May 04, 2010


The maps available are as follows:

From the first modern warfare we have Overgrown. This map really is snipers galore, its a small town that is completely overgrown with trees and wildlife. Fantastic for sniping and secret ambushes.

Again from the first modern warfare we have Crash. This map is based around a crashed US Helicopter at the centre of the map. It includes a few good sniping positions and involves very urban warfare.

Storm is the first brand new map available in the package. It takes place in a deserted factory, a fairly small map with a couple of good sniping postisions, good close quarters combat and more. Very good map for gametypes such as headquarters and capture the flag.

Salvage is set in a vehicle scrap yard where majority of the map is made up of stacked cars. It has been completely covered by snow too with two main buildings on each side of the map.

Bailout is another fun map, based around a convoy of tanks along a big street, fights occur between the large buildings either side of the street or up and down the road. Seems like a fairly basic map but it offers alot.

Price: £10.99 or 1200 Microsoft points