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Which Black Ops map pack should I get?

For those of you who don’t currently own any Black Ops map packs, you may be wondering “which one should I get?” Well do not fear, we are here to help. There are currently 4 map packs available for Black Ops and each one adds something different to the game so let’s help you decide which ones suit you best.

We will start by looking at the very first Black Ops map pack known as “First Strike” this was a map pack that was made to address peoples growing concerns in the game, particularly the lack of good sniper levels. Berlin wall is a really good map for medium to long range assaults, designed especially to be good for snipers. It also brings back the classic WW2 feel that made so many people fall for Call of Duty in the first place. Discovery is also a fairly large map split by a large chasm which makes it also good for sniping and the good flanking areas. The other two maps, Kowloon and Stadium go in the completely opposite direction, being both very small maps for lots of close quarter combat.

The zombie map included in First Strike is pretty generic zombie map which includes two new perks. It’s a really fun map to play but lacks anything really unique about it. Overall the map pack has a lot to offer, two great sniping maps and two great rush maps as well as another Zombie installation.

Next we’ll look at the second map pack “Escalation” which again adds a fairly wide array of levels, breathing new life into Black Ops multiplayer experience. Zoo is a fun maze sort of map on par with array but a little smaller. It’s got a monorail which allows you to get around the map quickly. It’s a good map for all kinds of combat. The next map, Hotel is set in Cuba, a map that was made for sniping, good old building to building style which are great fun while at the same time maintaining a close quarters combat approach within the Hotel it’s a good mix of both game play types, just watch your back if you’re planning on camping! The last two maps Stockpile and Convoy are fairly similar in size and both offer something new to the game, you may find a few long range open areas but we’d stick to assault rifles with both these maps.

The Zombie installation for Escalation is called “Call of the Dead” where you “Play as the zombie-killing dream-team of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robert Englund, Michael Rooker, and Danny Trejo against a new and unnerving zombie menace. Set in a mysterious ice-covered remote Siberian island and inspired by legendary writer and director George A. Romero, a group of four fearless explorers fight for their lives amidst an army of bloodthirsty Russian zombies.” It really spices up the Zombie game type and adds a story element to it which makes it much more engaging and fun.

Overall Escalation offers three new medium size assault maps each adding something new and unique along with a map which really brings sniping back into Black Ops which is really fun. The Zombie map is new and exciting too and takes it to a new level of fun!


For the third instalment we have “Annihilation” which offers 5 new maps which are all unique in their own way. We’ll start by looking at Hangar 18 which is a fairly small map set around a hangar containing a SR-71 jet. A fun map for generally running around or hiding in buildings and picking of enemies! Next we have Drive-In which has been described by Treyarch as a “Close quarters slugfest” which amazingly incorporates a small sniping area! It’s a great map on par with Nuketown. Silo is a map which is big, its all about flanking think of it like the Array map currently available for Black Ops with more buildings and cover around and a lot less sniping. Hazard is based off the old World at War map Cliffside which was always known for great sniping areas and spontaneous combat with two main flanking areas and a non literal death pit down the middle.

The zombie instalment for Annihilation is called “Shangri-La” which is set in an old Aztec temple and the surrounding caves. It’s a Zombie map like no other with the addition of a new fiery enemy and special ways to travel around the map. It’s nice to see another Zombie map that’s being different.

Overall Annihilation like the previous map packs adds a few good sniping maps along with a fairly generic assault map with Hangar 18, but the Silo map is new and exciting as well as the new Zombie instalment.

Last but not least we have “Rezurrection“, it is pretty simple whether you’ll be getting this map pack since it consists of 5 Zombie maps. If you love Zombies and you play it more often than normal multiplayer than this pack is for you, if not you may want a map pack which includes a mixture. 4 of the 5 maps included have been copied from Treyarch’s previous Call of Duty title: “World at War” so there is little unique about these maps apart from them being classics! If you’ve purchased the World at War map packs before then feel free to be ripped off if you buy them all over again for Black Ops.

Having said that though the main feature of the Rezurrection pack could make up for it. It is a map called “Moon” where you initially you start the mission at Area 51 where you fight the low level and weak zombie. After a while the teleporter to access the moon become availabile and you can all enter it and the awesomeness can begin! If you don’t leave Area 51 when the teleport becomes availabile then Hellhounds will spawn to get you to get a move on! Oh and just a hint, don’t forget to pick up a space suit after the teleport!


Let’s start by deciding whether you want the most unique map pack which will separate most players: Rezurrection. As stated earlier this map pack is only really for Zombie lovers, if you love Zombies then you should definitely get this pack since it’ll keep you lust for blowing out Zombie brains satisfied for at least a while! If Zombies isn’t your thing though then you still have 3 other map packs to choose from.

What are you looking for in a map pack?

The most unique map pack by far is Annihilation which has the most diverse range of maps, incorporating a good array of game play strategies too.

The map pack best for snipers would be between First Strike and Escalation since Escalations Hotel map is so good for sniping its hard to choose between that and First Strikes Berlin Wall and Discovery. But since Escalation offers an awesome Zombie map and some other very unique additions we’d go with that.

The best map pack for Nuketown & Firing Range Lovers would be First Strike since Kowloon and Stadium are both similar in size and combat strategies while making the experience much fresher. Drive-In from Annihilation is also a really good for these close quarter battles.

The best map pack which allows for all types of classes would be Escalation, it offers maps which allow you to snipe, run around with a shotgun or SMG, rack up loads of kills with assault rifles and LMG mow down spots!

The most fun map pack would be either Annihilation or First Strike since their maps offer things you wont have seen in existing Black Ops map packs which add new ways to approach the battlefield and take down your enemies!

The best for map pack for Zombies is Rezurrection. Although Call of the Dead is an appealing map!

At the end of the day all the map packs offer something unique and different into Black Ops multiplayer and the chances are you won’t stop at buying just one map pack! All the map packs breathe new life into the game and you won’t be disappointed no matter which pack you buy. If you still have no idea which one to choose from then start with First Strike since you’ve sure to like at least the majority of the maps included.

P.s Have you noticed how if you take the first letter of all the map packs it spells the word FEAR spooky huh?